A dog's movie struggling to desperately walk a lazy cat not trying to move

Nursery rhyme "Snow""The dog wraps over a joyous garden and the cat gets rounded with a kotatsu", which represents the difference in activity between dogs and cats on cold weather, is whether they are walking or cats that will not move outdoors, and to move it A movie of a desperating dog is being filmed.

Details are as below.
A dog and a cat with a collar.
LiveLeak.com - Dog Tries To Motivate Stubborn Lazy Cat For Walk

Although it seems that he is taking a walk, the cat loses his body to the ground and stops moving.

A dog that tries to pull such a cat 's lead with his mouth and move it.

However, the cat punch is hit.

Even so, a dog who is trying to manage a cat without bending. The cat has a troublesome look.

Ultimately, enough force to drag the body has been added, but the cat did not move.

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