Rules for continuing healthy diet 8

Before5 tips to keep on dietingHe introduced the tips on diet with the article that, but there seems to be a rule to continue healthy diet.

People who forced themselves to forcibly trying dieting can also succeed in dieting next time by adding their own rules based on this rule.

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The Simple Fitness Rules | Zen Habits

1. Anything is OK so move the body for the time being

It is not necessary to forcibly make pain that is not pleasant and pleasant, it is important to do exercise that you think is fun. Especially when household chores such as cleaning do not get enough exercise when there is no thinking movement. I do not have to do the same exercise everyday, it seems easy to last long if I change the exercise done according to the mood of the day. As a goal it is better to move the body more than 4 days a week.

2. It will not last unless you have fun

Since it does not last long unless it exercises fun, it is said that there is no problem even if you exercise once you do it is not fun and quit it immediately and switch to another exercise. Or it is good to do it by devising it so that you can do that exercise happily.

3. First, gradually strengthen strength with light exercise

If you apply a heavy load from the beginning, you feel only pain and there is a possibility that you will hurt yourself, so it's good to start with light exercise at the beginning and gradually overload it.

4. We do not need large-scale instruments

Although there are many training machines when going to the gym, there is no need to spend more than necessary because you can do exercise sufficiently without walking or stairway climbs and other equipment. Since it is possible to burn fat efficiently when muscles are attached, it is better for people who just started exercising to switch to aerobic exercise after applying muscle training with muscle training. Although it is no problem to combine muscle training and aerobic exercise, it seems better to focus on muscle training when there is not much muscle attached. There is also something you can do inside the house such as push ups and squats when you do train muscles, so especially large scale equipment is not necessary.

5. Muscle training should be limited to minimum

There are various kinds of muscle training, but if you do train muscles for diet aims, only the minimum muscle train necessary such as squat, kinsui, abdominal muscles, bench press etc is enough. Even if you increase the type more than necessary, it will not last long.

6. Do not eat processed foods

Processed foods such as convenience box lunches and instant products need to be refrained because they contain more salt, fat, sugar, preservatives, etc. than necessary. Also, those who frequently eat processed foods need to refrain from improving their constitution. Even this alone seems to be able to hold down the total number of calories considerably.

7. Keep it to the extent that the amount of meal is perceived as "slightly less"

People who need weight loss have more people eating more than they think, so it is necessary to limit the amount of meal to the extent that they think "a little less". It seems to be easy to succeed if you do the following three things until you reach the target weight.

· Frequently take a meal slowly.
· Take a small meal so that you do not over eat, and eat while watching how much you ate.
· Periodic fast fetching (consult a doctor)

8. Lose weight slowly over time

When trying to diet in a short period, it will not be long lasting because it will become impossible, there is a high possibility of being frustrated on the way. Also, it is highly possible that a sudden diet rebounds badly on the body. What is important to diet healthy is that it is a process up to the ideal form such as improvement of lifestyle, and it seems that we can not continue unless we recognize that it takes time.

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