Panasonic to significantly increase the production capacity of popular mobile notebook "Let'snote"

Mobile notebook for business that Panasonic has a reputation for robustness etc. "Let'snote (Let's Note)It is clear that it is intention to raise the production capacity of the series to a large extent.

Increasing the size of the enclosure due to the improvement in performance, the battery duration that had once drawn a line with other companies is now being lined up with other companies, mobile notes of the same concept began to be released by other companies, There is an impression that the environment surrounding Let'snote gets strict year by year, but is there any secret backdrop to greatly increase production capacity?

Details are as below.
Panasonic, Kobe Factory's personal computer production capacity increased by 70% to 1.2 million units: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

According to the report of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Panasonic will increase the production capacity of the Kobe factory, the production base of laptop computers "Let'snote" and "TOUGHBOOK", by 70% from about 700,000 vehicles in fiscal 2008 by fiscal 2012 It seems that it intends to expand to 1.2 million.

This is realized by installing automatic inspection equipment on the board mounting line and automatic assembly equipment on the cell production line respectively, and it already has already finished one line for the "T8" "W8" series which is the main model of Let'snote We introduced automatic inspection equipment in the process.

This will allow one person to do the work that had been done around 5 people, and it will be possible to operate the inspection process 24 hours a day, which will lead to expansion of the production volume.

Direct sales site by increasing production capacity "Myrets ClubWill it be possible to customize more precisely than in the past, or will it be possible to expect price declines in the main unit price? It is a very worrisome place.

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