I tried "Apa president curry" which is recommended to have "president" in the product name

APA HotelSpeaking of the hotel business in Japan nationwide, it is well known that President Motomotani Fumiko is exposed to the media here and there.

"Apa president curry" that President Motoya confidently recommends it is on sale from April 1st. Since we had the opportunity to stay at APA Hotel this time "Let's eat Apa president curry at APA HotelSo I bought it and tried it.

Details are as below.
Apa president curry - 【official】 APA Hotel / nation hotel reservation site APA HOTEL

"Apa president curry" which can be purchased at the front desk of APA Hotel and directly operated restaurant, online. One 390 yen, the purchase unit on the net is more than 5 sets, but at the front it can be purchased from one, so I bought one one at once.

As this product, APA Hotel President Motoyagi Fumiko seems to be authentic beef curry with confidence, it was made pursuing the best taste at the APA restaurant.

The retort pouch does not contain logos in particular.

"APA 13.03.09 R" printing.

We have raised rice at a convenience store.

Warm up curry immediately, curry rice finished. It is quite a nice feeling even by chance.

Ru's color is quite rich.

The taste is about mediumish if it can be divided, it is not about "it is painful and requires water". It is a considerably expensive class when I say 390 yen in one pack of retort curry one, and when I bought it, I was prepared to be a neta product, but with the taste of the depth that the sweetness of the meat melted into it I was surprised. If you are going to serve this curry at a curry shop, it will be around 800 yen.

There are not many appearances of ingredients, but there are several pieces of meat. Vegetables are finer pieces and can not be found, but they are completely melted in Rou and contribute to the depth of taste.

If you buy on net sale, there are 5 sets of 1950 yen (tax included · shipping fee 550 yen), 10 piece set 3900 yen (tax included · free shipping fee), 30 piece set 11,000 yen (including tax). If you like curry, please try it at the APA Hotel front desk.

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