Those who tend to stay resident on the net must be mindful, how to go offline and how to use it well

byFrosted Peppercorn

For those who are constantly connected to the net to work or study, or who are absorbed in hobbies, when will it be offline to become a source of trouble? When you are online you are getting derailed while you are doing things as closely as possible, or you become busy with the way of confirming Twitter and mail, sometimes the work or study you really want to do is left behind Is not it?

However, I think most people think that there is a problem with not using the Internet at all. So, by clarifying on and off, I will give you a way to use your time well.

Why You Should Take a Digital Break (and 6 Steps To Do So)

◆ When using the net


· Realize firmly what to do with the Internet
If you do not realize what you should do online, you will be drunk in the ocean of the net and you will end up wasting time on endless investigations and games. First of all please list the things you can not do without connecting to the net.

For example, suppose you need to investigate issues to write a report. Moreover, I also want to check whether new mail from a business partner has arrived. After adding these items to the list, let's run it one by one.

If you encounter something you did not write on the list on the net, it is probably a temptation to distract the feelings you have left in the work, so if you aim for the list to be ignored with a strong heart, Work ends efficiently.

· Take it off line when the work that needs the net ends
Once you've finished your online job, let's move on to a task that should be prioritized.

Some people may feel uneasy by placing them offline, but please calm down thinking that they can connect to the net every day.

Even if you always want to stay on the net, you can not live without having to get to sleep, so you can not check the net while you are asleep, but you are still able to live somehow.

There are surely urgent scenes that need to get up all night, but if it is not so, you can easily spend the time you feel as if you missed "even if you missed a bit."

◆ What you want to do when offline


· Leave the desk when it gets stuck in work
It is also a good way to change the environment once it gets stuck. You may simply move from your room to the living room, and if you have a favorite cafe you can go there.

Changing the place, when I stayed in one place I have an idea that I could not think of, and I can concentrate on my work by going to an environment where I can not connect the net, so I think about planning Sometimes you may want to move positively.

· Plan for the future
It would be nice to have a long-term plan on what you did not turn around in your everyday life and have postponed your procrastination.

It may be a matter of what to do next consecutive holidays, and it may be a medium-term goal of what to accomplish in the next three months, the contents of work or study you should consider.

When you are doing the net, it is filled with getting information by all means, so when you look at the net and try to organize your own personalities, sharpness comes out to your life.

· Wait for idea to come down
When you are offline, you will not be drunk by information waves or immersed in distractions, so ideas of work and study will come to nature. Let's contemplate the idea that has come about.

By contemplating away from the Internet, you may be able to come up with an idea that will become a breakthrough problem that is a problem at the moment.

◆ Before returning to the net


Let's write the ToDo list again before returning to the net after finishing all what you do in the offline state. By clarifying what to do next, surfing on the net will be meaningful as well.

As soon as you are connected to the net, you may receive reply mail at once, but in that case you can also keep track of what you do by creating a ToDo list.

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