Effective usage of "skimmer time" that can be used even at home or on the road

In daily life, there is always a so-called "skimmer time" that does not work even if you are taking a break. In most cases, this "skimmer time" occurs between two errands, which makes it boring and irritating.

For example, effective use of "skimmer time" which appears even between truly trivial events such as a few minutes before and before a meeting and a meeting was divided into office edition and home edition was introduced. It is a bit of a thing to be cleared up by "skimmer time", but it seems that you can live quite clearly just by finishing them.

Details are as below.How to Make Good Use of Time Pockets - by Dumb Little Man

◆ Job Hunting

· After 5 minutes
1: Make a list of things that must be on work

Even for projects that I think are intriguing to take over, it will become easy to handle instantly by listing.

2: Delete spam mail in the mail inbox


Do not open it, you should disappointedly erase it, you should clear out it.

· When it is over 10 minutes
1: Clean up the desk

By*** claire ***

Organize the documents and draw out desktop objects and let's throw away the garbage anyway.

2: Reply to a simple e-mail


Let's reply to a mail that you can cut off as quickly as possible.

· When it is over 20 minutes
1: Create an outline of the report you are working on and confirm some facts

As well as the report, if you have work to do, you may want to start with it first.

2: Make a call

Let's call it later and call the other party who has made it to a delayed extension and let us know.

◆ Home

· After 5 minutes
1: Check whether the electricity in the room is all turned off or whether the power supply of the home appliances is completely cut off

If you put the household appliances in the standby state, it consumes considerable electric power, so it seems that it is more friendly to households if you completely turn off the power.

2: Make a simple shopping list

By. David Blackwell.

By doing this, you guarantee that the number of times you shout that "Oh, I forgot to buy it!" Will go down after coming home.

· When it is over 10 minutes
1: Check payment of utility fee to be completed

Since payment deadline for convenience store payment etc tends to miss the payment due date, attention is necessary.

2: Fold the laundry and make the pair of socks a pair

Let's put one pair of socks together so that socks will not arrive and you will not lose the busy time in the morning.

· When it is over 20 minutes
1: Lightly vacuum the vacuum cleaner in the room


Even without full-scale cleaning, the degree of accumulation of dust changes only by slightly vacuuming the vacuum cleaner.

2: Organize and clean the kitchen

It is a place to use everyday, it is important to keep it beautiful.

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