Four tips to properly digest TODO that lists what to do

Listed what to do, so-calledTODOIt is very useful for daily operations and academic management. However, there are also a lot of people who did not work well after setting up lists as much as possible, after all they just started to do what they wanted.

Here are four ways to better operate TODO. Of course, doing these things does not mean that things are not as graceful as with magic, but you may be able to better control your "what to do" a bit more than ever before Hmm.

Details are as below.
How to Tame Your To-Do List - by Dumb Little Man

1: Try making it on a different medium

Although I think that various tools such as exporting to a notebook and using a personal computer are various, first try to make a list using one that is different from what I always use for a week. Examples of tools and methods that some people tried when making TODO are as follows. Let's experiment what exactly is for you.

· Write out a whole weekly schedule on one piece of paper with a ruled line
· Use notes one page at a time
· Create a list template on your computer

2: Do not make too much

The most common mistake you make when making TODO is to be too greedy. If you do list the things you want to do with this too, you will suffer by watching many things that you could not digest. Let's write about 3 to 5 in the list on the 1st. Also, when making a list, it is important to consider the point of "whether you want to do this", "asking people," and "what you really need to do". And at the end you should not fill the list with "good things". You can feel a sense of accomplishment as if you cleared the bonus stage when you accomplish it by making this kind of thing separately from the list that lists "things to do" list.

3: Do not screw in new items

After completing the perfect TODO for a week, or one day of the day, it is not good to screw down new incidents. Nonetheless, I think that there may be requests from e-mails and clients that need reply. If such new "what to do" occurs, please add it to TODO, such as tomorrow, another day of the week if it does not need to be done on that day. Some say that it is often that you can deal better if you set a little more time than when you noticed "what you should do".

4: I will do it one by one

Even if you try to force five things at once by impossible, it will not go well. I think that I can not fall out, make a mistake, or concentrate. It may be good to shuffle numbers according to the priority of "what to do" and to do in that order. By doing this, you are less interested in getting interested in different things and concentrating on it, and it is also effective to inspire yourself to do "do what you should do" while still being full of energy and physical strength is.

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