Eight ways to raise your memory to maximum

Although there was also criticism of packed type education focusing on memorization, it is also a fact that the fundamental abilities themselves do not rise in the first place unless they remember themselves and remember themselves.

So, how do you know how to raise your memory to the maximum? There are quite a variety of things, from simple memorization techniques to deriving a memorable mental state, physical condition management to maximize memory ability.

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· Write on your own paper

It is likely to be remembered that these knowledge will be deformed as "own things" by memorizing or writing what you have learned immediately.

· Read back regularly

Every day for a certain amount of time, I read about 10 minutes to 15 minutes about what I've memorized or learned before and remember that it has an effect.

· Breathe in and take in oxygen

In order to increase memory, it seems effective to spread oxygen to the brain. It is possible to get drowsy by this, and it seems that it is equally effective to replenish some water.

· Write out what you are thinking anyway

It seems that you can withstand your feelings by writing out various things and what you want to do anyway and be able to endure the urge to do them now. This will allow you to do what you can do when you have time to spare.

· Do not multitask

Rather than doing a number of things at the same time, it seems that it is finished in a shorter time to process things that are in front of you at the highest priority one by one.

· Associate with what you already know

When memorizing new facts, it seems to be easy to memorize if you associate it with what you already know and memorize. It becomes easy to remember if you relate it to a place or anecdote.

· Store in small pieces and memorize

Instead of remembering it as a large chunk at once, it seems easier to memorize as a small chunk of remembering as a small piece. Rather than remembering one whole knowledge, it is easier to remember recalling one of the knowledge.

· Dates back to childhood

Since songs that I remembered as a child can still be effectively used still, it is extremely useful if it is used as a key to help them memorize long lists or facts, that is, as keys to remember memory It is said that.

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