'Sleep is also an important learning,' researchers suggest

There should be many people who experienced riding over the test overnight on the day before the exam. However, it is also true that there is a research result showing that it is more effective to sleep overnight remembering by the day before memorizing memories even if overnight is taken, but not memorizing until just before the test . Jacques Tamminen, a psychology instructor at the Royal Holloway University in the UK, explains why sleep is important in learning.

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Mr. Tanminen 's research project is experimenting whether sleep time is effective for memory formation. In the experiment, I divided the night of the day when I studied languages ​​into "a group who did not sleep" and "a group that took sleep as normal" and tested in a week. Then, the group who took sleep as usual could recall the word soon and the score was high. This result shows that sleep has the effect of helping to establish memory. Mr. Tamminen says, "I think that there are many people who think that they are skimming studies while sleeping, but in fact the brain is learning to fix the memory while sleeping." I will.

Sleep has REM sleep and non-REM sleep . And while non-REM sleep is divided into 4 levels depending on the depth of sleep, Mr. Tamminen is doing research on slow wave sleep (SWS) which is the third and fourth stages at the time of article creation. "SWS plays an important role to store not only languages ​​but also a variety of knowledge. During SWS, the brain is the hippocampus and cerebral neocortex constantly exchanging information, and knowledge Acting for long-term memory, at the same time not only merely establish memory in the brain, but also combine various knowledge to create new ideas, "says SWS as long as possible It is important to secure a certain amount of sleeping time because it is possible to obtain deeper knowledge by doing between.

It is known that the time of SWS varies according to age, and it is obvious that children have a longer time, in particular, than adults. In the study of Eberhard Karl University Tübingen, we are investigating how sleep is involved in children's memory formation, and that children's learning abilities are very related to SWS's length of time I suggest that. Mr. Katarina Jinke, who engaged in research, said, "For children, sleeping makes learning more efficient," he says.

Mr. Tamminen says, "It is very important that you sleep soundly and organize your memory after learning something." When studying for entrance examinations and qualification exams, plan sleep time correctly It explains that this will lead to an increase in learning effect.

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