Research results reveal that human brain can learn while sleeping

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It is better to sleep overnight remember by the day before memorizing until the testeffectiveThe result that the survey that it is "survey that there is a survey that it is," Although sleep is deeply related to the establishment of memory, the research result that "newly listening to the sound related to information during sleep will strengthen the establishment of memory" Was revealed.

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A new study by neuroscientists at Northwestern University showed that people can learn even while they are asleep. This is usually because the memory of people under consciousness slowly settles over months, but the unconscious state brain seems to assemble a set of memories at high speed.

Journal Nature NeuroscienceAccording to the study, this research was conducted in the following way. First of all, show two illustrations of 12 keyboards showing how to play the piano melody to the subject, and practice each melody for the same time. After practice, I got a ninety minute nap. At this time, I will continue gently flowing one of the melodies repeatedly for 4 minutes to a subject who is sleeping. As a result, I found that 4% more subjects can play than melodies that did not melt while sleeping.

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Such a rise in memory power is thought to be caused by "sleep learning" of several minutes. "Reactivation of the brain in experiments is thought to affect the organization of memory that takes place over several months (or years) in the natural state," researcher Paul Reber says . This suggests that subjects'Sleep spindle waveIt was revealed by brainwave scan of the activity of. One type of EEG is thought to be related to the memory process, but in the subject's brain while listening to the melody, the part that moves the hand and sings a song is active. People who took more of non-REM sleep while the sleeping spindle waves of this part were active saw a big difference in the accuracy of the performance of the melody heard during sleep and the melody not so. In other words, playing music during non-REM sleep affects the retention of memory.

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So what kind of information other than piano music can be stuffed into the brain while sleeping?

In this regard, researcher Paul Reber says, "As long as memory is associated with a certain type of sound, the sound seems to stimulate the brain's revitalization, strengthening the previously acquired information.This is a lecture and lesson You can even strengthen the memory of what you learned and even speed up the acquisition speed of the second language. " In other words, if you are learning a foreign language, listening to that language during sleep may be helpful. Also, if you need to memorize what you learned during the lesson, you may want to record the lesson and play it quietly in the evening.


In the past studies it is said that smell will also be a catalyst for establishing memory. If you remember a Spanish word next to Rosemary and arrived at the table next to Rosemary that evening that night, the smell of rosemary strengthens the memory of Spanish words than anything else, I will give. If you use this kind of thing, you may be able to study more efficiently than stuffing the content of the textbook overnight for testing.

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