"Brain power" is trained by studying multilingual language, it turns out that it leads to prevention of dementia

ByTobias Mikkelsen

I can use my mother tongue and another foreign languagebilingualAnd to make more languagesMultilingualIn order to become, in addition to the language itself, it is important to look at the way of thinking behind it, it is said that understanding the cultural level beyond the mother tongue is important. According to recent research results, in addition to deepening such understanding, behavior that studies multilingual has the effect of improving 'brain power' such as thinking ability and suppressing deterioration of brain function due to aging It is becoming clear.

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After talking to someone and leaving, I remembered "I should have said Ale," or "I did not say such a thing ..." experiences that have been hit by the regrettable feeling of now There should be everyone. Emotions including such delicate air in French "L'esprit de l'escalier(Respres de Les caryier) "is expressed. Literally translating it as "Escalator wit(Stitt's wit) ", but its origin is" Remember when you leave the room and suddenly get off the stairs, you suddenly think "Oh, I should have said this!", But now what to do anymore It is a phrase which made the situation that it is "nothing", it seems to be said that it seems to be an idea that seems to be French anyhow.


For French speakers it is exactly "expressible and strange" expressions, but in fact the English world seems to have no representation of such situations or emotions. Japanese has "Later festivalAlthough there is a word "there is something a bit different".

In addition, I was eating too much due to stress, and then I feel depressed afterwards, in German "KummerspeckIt is expressed with the word. Translating this "Grief bacon(Bacon of sorrow) "meaning, but again, there is no equivalent in English in English.

In addition, if you are growing up in Japanese you've heard and used it once "Feeling of loveThe word "Love at first sightIt is a different emotion from the one (one eye love), and it is not easy to understand in cultures other than Japanese. Bosanova is an important keyword of music Portuguese "SaudadeAlso, real emotions can hardly be understood by people other than Portuguese speakers.

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In this way, because language is deeply rooted in the framework of ideas and thinking flowing in that culture, 100% can not be transmitted all by simply replacing it with another language. Professor George Reikov, who studies cognitive science and linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, said, "Americans are French"Savoir faire"(Savoie Faure: 'meaning of opportunistic change') 'is borrowed as it is because it is not included in the American culture, so that the word is our Explaining the relationship between the language and the language, "explaining the relationship between language and language," To control other languages ​​is to learn different frameworks, metaphorical methods, It is to learn. "

However, it is becoming clear that the merit of manipulating other languages ​​is not only understanding of multiculturalism. Canada·Research by York UniversityIt has been found that children who are multilingual tend to leave good grades in mathematics, reading comprehension and vocabulary testing. Also, probably because they were trained in the process of understanding the grammar of words, that they have a high ability to store lists and arrays, and that they tend to be superior in ability to extract unnecessary information and extract only really necessary information I know that.

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Furthermore, multilingual speakersExcellent decision making ability, High tolerance to induction of thought by conditioning and framing technology, and the high cost of cash and credit cardUse money well and use it wellIt has become clear that the ability is excellent. As a cause of such a phenomenon, according to one theory, speaking of a language different from his or her native language gives rise to a kind of "psychological sense of distance", a logical thinking ability hard to be affected by emotions It is considered to have developed.

The merits of learning other languages ​​are not limited to this. Those who are studying the second language other than their mother tongue, even though they started to learn from adults, there are statistical results that there is little decline in cognitive ability that occurs when they are old, and Scotland · In a study by Dr. Thomas Buck at the University of Edinburgh,Delay the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease by 4 and a half yearsIt has been clarified that it has an effect.

ByMiguel Pires da Rosa

Dr. Bak revealed that the effect of preventing the decline in cognitive ability has an influence on the fact that learning the second language is more important than the high level of education and knowledge, Delaying the decline in cognitive ability is not a high memory ability, it is due to the ability to pay attention to the details of the words. "

Also, multilingual speakers tend to be superior to "visual tasks" of finding specific scenes and finding specific names from the list, and to excel in multitasking work, which when learning other languages It is thought that it is the ability nourished by going back and forth mentally with the mother tongue.

As you can see, it is known that learning languages ​​other than the mother tongue can improve the brain's ability to suppress aging as well. Furthermore, in order to expect the effect, it is not necessary to reach the level of mastering the multilingual, but it is not necessary to reach the level of mastering the multilingual, but having the feeling of "trying to learn a foreign language" and making efforts to understand has a positive effect on the brain It was.


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