Studies using machine learning revealed words that are often used by people with "depression"

ByJennifer Mathis

As a way to investigate the relationship between depression and language, the approach taken so far was that researchers read the notes of actual subjects and take notes. Naturally, because it is an investigation by the hand of man, it took time to advance research. Automatic analysis of textMachine learningAs a result of analyzing it, we have found the words and expressions frequently used by people of "depression" which had not been known so far.

Depression warning signs: Pay attention to the words they use - Quartz

Many people who complain of symptoms of depression tend to use "adjectives" and "adverbs" that show negative emotions, such as "lonely" "sad" "miserable". But the most interesting thing isPronounThere is a method of using "myself"myself"Me"SuchFirst personHe said that it turned out to use a large number of pronouns.

vice versa"they"Girlfriend"Suchthird personIt is obvious that the pronoun of the word is hardly used. From this result, people with depression strongly stress themselves, indicating that there is little connection with others. According to research, it is reported that it is more effective to examine "how to use pronouns" rather than "words expressing negative emotions" to identify "depression".

ByThomas Leuthard (2008-2017)

Next, 64 onlinemental healthforumAs a result of investigating more than 6,400 people in total, unlike pronouns and negative emotional expressions, "always"nothing"completely"Absolatistic words" expressing absolute size and probability are used extensively, etc.

According to researchers, people with depression are thought to have a strong desire to clarify white and black, and the prevalence rate of people using "absolutist word" is "anxiety and depression Forum "about 50%,"Suicidal thoughtAbout 80% in the forum "It was said that it was considerably high value. Although it could be confirmed that "How to use pronouns" is distributed similarly to "absolutist words" throughout the forum, it seems that it has not become high prevalence so far. In addition, it is revealed that "anxiety and depression forum" has a higher result than "suicide idea forum" when investigating with "words expressing negative emotions".

BySteve Snodgrass

The Forum to be surveyed also includes a "Recovery Forum" that writes episodes and so forth recovered from depression, and the content posted on the recovery forum accounts for "negative emotional words" for the most part It was found that there was a high proportion of about 70% positive expression as well. However, the appearance rate of "absolutist word" is still slightly lower than "anxiety and depression forum", but it is said to exist. Even though people who had previously experienced depression have not had any problems at this time, it is pointed out that it is a sign that "depression" is reoccurred when heavy use of "absolutist words" is seen.

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