We are developing an AI that anticipates IBM's risk of developing mental illness


Artificial intelligence (AI)Predicting that "when the patient will die"It is thought that it is possible to broaden the great potential in the medical field such as doing. In recent years, IBM is advancing research to utilize AI for diagnosing psychiatric disorders, according to a new research result, it was possible to predict the risk of mental illness with accuracy of 83%.

Prediction of psychotic onset with AI: words portend the future

Prediction of psychosis across protocols and risk cohorts using automated language analysis - Corcoran - 2018 - World Psychiatry - Wiley Online Library

IBM researchers use AI to predict risk of developing psychosis

IBM's computer, psychiatry & neuroimaging research team has been doing research to make AI useful for risk prediction of psychiatric disorder,In 2015We publish our first research results.

And on January 19, 2018 IBM announced new research results. In this study, we analyzed the speech patterns of 59 subjects who participated in another mental disorder study and judged the machine learning model to judge the risk of psychiatric illness, it was said that it was predictable with 83% accuracy about. Also, at this time, the machine learning model distinguished healthy people from the patients who suffered from mental illness most recently by 72% accuracy. In addition, AI seems to have discovered that "patients with mental illness tend not to use possessive pronouns" or "they tend not to create strange sentences".

byAndrew Neel

The computer / neuroscientist who conducted the researchGuillermo A. Cecchi"We believe this is a major step towards the goal of" developing tools for mental health care physicians and caregivers, and for patients themselves. "With this tool, neurons outside the hospital Sexual theological diagnosis is possible ". In the future AI can act as a substitute for a doctor because diagnosis is possible even in places where psychiatrists are short. In particular, Mr. Cecchi sees that it can make a big impact on homelessness, which is difficult to seek medical help.

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