What is the 'call of the void' that makes me wonder 'what if I jump down?' When I'm in a high place?

When I'm in a high place, I think 'what if I jump from here' even though I understand that it won't help if I fall, or 'what if I rush into an oncoming car' while driving a car? There must be some people who have done it. Live Science, a scientific media, explains the true nature of such horrifying thoughts that suddenly cross your head.

What is the'call of the void'? | Live Science


It is very common to think of dangerous behaviors that are known to be devastating if put into practice, and two studies have shown that 'one in two has thought'. As shown. There is even a word in French that expresses this idea, which is 'l'appel du vide'.

A survey of 431 college students to explore the link between the call of the void and human mental state found that 75% of those who had ever had a desire to die (suicidal ideation). Is known to have experienced suicidal ideation at least once. However, it is also known that more than half of those who have never had suicidal ideation have experienced suicidal ideation, and there is no irreversible link between suicidal ideation and the call of emptiness. Is shown.

Tobias Teisman and colleagues at Ruhr-University Bochum, who conducted the investigation, hypothesize that the call of the void is 'a result of the brain's misunderstanding of the danger signal emitted by the brain.' For example, when a person stands in a high place, the nerves that control the fear of the brain immediately signal 'Escape because this place is dangerous', and the person unconsciously tries to leave the dangerous place. Then, the brain recognizes the idea that 'it is dangerous to approach' one step behind the signal, and people misunderstand this as 'what I wanted to do'.

Mr. Teisman denied the relationship between the call of the void and suicidal ideation and anxiety, saying, 'The call of the void does not call for death to a person, but reflects the subconscious mind of a person's desire to live. It's likely. '

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