Females with longer ring fingers than index fingers have stronger grip strength

The 'finger ratio ', which indicates the ratio of finger lengths , especially the '2D: 4D ratio ', which is the ratio between the length of the index finger (2D) and the ring finger (4D), is said to exhibit various characteristics. Survey results such as 'A man with a longer ring finger looks better' are reported. This time, a new survey showed that 'female with longer ring finger tends to have stronger grip strength'.

Handgrip strength and 2D: 4D in women: homogeneous samples challenge the (apparent) gender paradox | Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Study finds women with low 2D: 4D finger ratios tend to have stronger grip strength

It has been pointed out that people with longer ring fingers than index fingers may have been exposed to more testosterone, one of the male hormones, while in the womb of their mother. So far, many studies have been conducted on the 2D: 4D ratio of men, while less research has been conducted on the 2D: 4D ratio of females.

Nora Bach and colleagues studying at the Faculty of Anthropology at the University of Vienna conducted a survey of 125 healthy women aged 19-31 years in Austria. The length of the finger was measured using a scanner, and a questionnaire was given to the subjects asking about age, height, weight, education level, amount of exercise, and so on.

As a result, it was confirmed that the longer the ring finger than the index finger, the stronger the grip strength. This is the result of analyzing data obtained from 107 right-handed subjects, and Bach et al. Wrote that the sample size was small for left-handed females. It has also been confirmed that ambidextrous people tend to have even stronger grip strength than right-handed people, although it may not be statistically significant due to the small sample size.

Based on the findings and previous studies showing that the 2D: 4D ratio may be related to prenatal testosterone exposure, 'there is a significant relationship between the 2D: 4D ratio and grip strength. There is. '

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