Just reading it merely means no effect, mental attitude when reading self-development books and blogs

If you enter one step into a bookstore, the self-enlightenment books are stacked like a mountain, and the lineup is swiftly changing. Also, there are many similar articles on the Internet as well, but just reading them just will not have any effect and will end up wasting time.

A way to break down the feeling that it tends to become such a "going to study" and to properly acquire books and advice on the web is introduced. I just do not read it just by accumulating self-development books "Piled upIt is a must-see for those who do it, or who browse the site for a long time.

Using self-development books and blogs, attitude to stimulate Kichin and herself is as follows.Are You Wasting Your Time Reading About Personal Development? By Dumb Little Man

1: Just a mere mere reading makes nothing

If you want something for changing or changing life, you can be tempted to find a way to take immediate first aid as soon as possible. In such a case, for example, although it is safe, if you see a book titled "You change your life", it makes me feel attractive.

Whether authors of enlightenment books will change the reader's life or not, the answer to that question is Jesus. However, it is indispensable that the reader's own encouragement is necessary. The problem of No. 1 is that many readers are satisfied with a little motivation by merely reading the contents about self-development. Especially when I read a classic self-development book that is also said to be a masterpiece, I often feel that I did productive things just by that. I will fall into the trap that it will end with becoming a bit smarter without taking any action based on what I read.

Are you trying to find a great secret to change your life soon after you buy a self-education book from the next one, follow the link of the blog to read the useful articles, and soon find out? Perhaps such a thing probably does not exist anywhere, and if we do not transfer the knowledge that we learned to action, there will be no change in life. While thinking that "such a thing is commonplace", it is a common thing to be addicted to a state that can be said as "a pitfall of self-realization", so to speak, it is a place I should be careful about # 1.

2: Whether you really want to change

At first glance this question may seem simple. If you are in a position where you do not have a promising career, you would obviously want to break away from that situation, and if you feel overweight you would want to lose weight and be more healthy.

However, if you wish to "change," strongly, you will need to give up something. In order to get out of a job without expectation of career advancement, I will leave the routine work that is fit for my body, and in order to lose weight, I have to stop eating a lot of junk food. Furthermore, changing yourself requires a lot of energy and effort, you may be forced to make decisions that make you fear or make difficult decisions.

It is OK if it is not ready enough to change the daily life altogether. Instead of focusing on unexpected big dreams, it would be better to achieve them from the goal of making themselves better. Perhaps in many cases, even if you think that you want to get a new job, I think that I will distract her eyes one by one, but first of all it is the first decision to solve a habit of delaying prospects.

3: Make an action

A skilled author has helped to come up with good ideas through the books and blogs, gives adequate advice, and has the power to really change the life. However, most readers do not behave like the book they called. It is easy to nod to the author's words and to agree. Also, you may be inspired by what is being written, or you may make further decisions by going further. But if it is not so, you may just read the self-development book to escape from trouble.

Be aware of the following, it may help you to take action.

· Identify what you want to learn or how you want to change yourself

I do not read blogs and self-development books because I am somehow interested. If you want to improve something, there should be a specific goal. Let's clarify that.

· First of all, choose a good one

In addition to choosing by yourself, having friends introduce recommended blogs and books to a friend, or trying out Amazon's reviews is also a good idea. By reading with content that you want clearly to read and axis thinking in myself, it becomes easier to read and it becomes easier to acquire.

· Prepare notes at hand and read

It is useful if you have a note to note down a little question or new idea that occurred while reading a book or blog. By taking notes one by one, you can easily manage the time at the same time, you will not only be able to read it lazily.

· Do not read the book without forgetting the time, but do it

While using the contents of the books and blogs you are reading, please write out one to three actions to occur every week. The content you have read so far is no exception. I had forgotten all about this advice after a while ... so as not to say that. Otherwise, think about how you can devise a different approach to self-development books and blog entries you plan to read this time, even for one minute.

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