All you can eat oysterfly / raw oysters / baked oysters All you went to "GUMBO & OYSTER BAR Namba Parks Store"

From Tuesday, January 4 to Monday, January 31,GUMBO & OYSTER BAR all over Japan"All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat oyster in Kyushu" all-you-can-eat oysters, roasted oysters, oysterflies will be 4380 yen (last order 60 minutes, reservation required from 2 days before, price varies depending on the store) in 90 minutes Since it is being held, I actually ate at Namba Parks shop.

"What is it, raw oysters, oysters, oysters and oysters are all you can eat?", But from the conclusion it is clearly stated that "It is definitely necessary from 2 days ago" It is possible to eat, has a high sense of value, especially the oysterfly is superb item, especially in supermarkets etc. It is quite recommended that the difference is blatantly understood as much as it can be eaten at reasonable prices.

So, the details of tasting reviews are as follows.
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GourNavi - GUMBO & OYSTER BAR Namba Parks Store

That's why I came to Namba Parks

This is "GUMBO & OYSTER BAR Namba Parks Store"

So you can eat oysters a lot

Challenge for this all-you-can-eat this time

This is what it's like inside the store

All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat

As a rule, first of all, raw oysters 6 plates + baked oyster + oysterfly comes out. Baked oysters and oysterflies will come out in about 10 minutes. When I'm in a good condition, when I came out in around 5 minutes.

This is the source to attach to raw oysters.

Cocktail sauce, taste the most

Salt, the taste that fits anything

Garlic soy sauce, this also fits well

When I asked for ginger ale with a drink, Wilkinson's ginger ale appeared seriously in full swing

Like this

Crackers + Cheese

And raw oyster appeared

These five are from Hiroshima

This is from Hyogo Prefecture

, From Nagasaki

More Oyster appearance

I do not mind

Oyster fried is freshly crunchy. There's no greasy feeling, it's tightly closed and tightly packed inside

It is like this

This time we went by five people, but it gets steadily come up to an amazing amount.

The raw oysters from Hiroshima are fairly small and feel good to eat steadily. Since it is not rich, it is not thick, on the contrary the dark eye cocktail sauce goes well.

Hyogo production is creamy and thick, and it is a rich flavor. This is a raw oyster! It is the most perfect image. There is an eating response.

Nagasaki has salty taste, it is darker than Hiroshima, but even more than Hyogo

Oysters baked also appeared

This is the crab miso is on the top. Oysters are from Hiroshima. The crab miso is perfect for a light taste.

This is Nagasaki produced, salty taste is a little from the beginning, so good as it is!

From the left from Hiroshima, Hyogo and Nagasaki

It is no longer the taste of royal road to put lemon

It is good to eat it with lemon, but you can make a cocktail sauce like this

The price is like this, Hiroshima production is 420 yen, Hyogo and Nagasaki production 350 yen

The oysterfly is quite nice to match with the tartar sauce.

Contents as well, juicy

Oyster flies are such a large grain! Expensive one of 650 yen for 2 and 1200 yen for 4. To be honest, the taste of this oysterfly is outstanding. You should absolutely eat. When I first saw it, when I thought "If you eat two, it will be enough ...", I ate six at a time ....

As for this oysterfly, what it is amazing is that it is amazing to be able to eat without being bored till the end

Yes, it is delicious

As you can see, while the creaminess remains as it is, the other part disappeared and the taste adjusted to a good condition, that is oyster baked

Garlic sauce fits well.

Unglazed oysters are actually expensive, 700 yen in two.

I ate three at the total for every one.

I ate three crabs per one in total with crab miso put on.

It is worthwhile to order more and more. It is perfect for people who are not good at raw oyster peculiar fishy odor with feeling tightly packed than raw oysters.

With this feeling it will disappear quickly.

In addition, the oyster has been sterilized with this feeling

It seems that the distribution of the taste of each place of origin is like this. I feel like I am a bit off the impression somewhat, but because it is raw, that is it, this is it.

That's why I have eaten 120 oysters, 24 people per person for all five people in total. I am full and satisfied. good!

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