The biggest threat in human history The fierce scene with Batman finally rising to overthrew Superman "Batman vs Superman Justice's Birth" Comic Trio

The birth of Superman, independence, and threatening to kill one million people every time someone helps The previous work which depicted the fierce battle of invaders and Superman who came from their home town where he was originally "man of steelThe final battle of the city in the final decisive battle resulted in the destruction of the city, the human power shook up with its terrible power, fear of the emergence of uncontrollable superhuman beings tremendously human beings, the destructive power not controlled as the ultimate end is said to be a threat It's a ridiculous story that Batman will challenge the battle by "Batman vs Superman Justice Birth"Released a long version of the trailer on YouTube that exceeds 3 / 1.5 minutes. this isComicIt seems to have been published in.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Comic-Con Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Congressman who decides to stop the hard to believe destroy by Superman's battle and stops it

Supermen called for testimony to Congress

It has been totally treated as a bad guy, demonstration that Superman can not forgive, a deception to be done behind

Superman that appears in public at last

The moment of the century when hearings are held

How should mankind deal with Superman?

The scene changed, the final battle scene of the previous work, the fact of the shock as to what happened behind it. The head office building owned by Batman is involved in the final battle, and it will be destroyed by the beam as a rose.

Moreover, I witnessed that moment, and it is a huge Batman.

A crumbling building

In the blast, run full force in the opposite direction to the escaped people and run to help Batman

Beyond that gaze that helped a young girl, obstinacy against Superman who apparently became a threat of humanity begins to lodge

Someone has to manage ... ....


The secret base which is the base of Batman, Bat Cave

Look at the contents of the delivered envelope Batman

Contents that you will repeat the tragedy that my parents were killed and lost an important person

Batman to further increase the sense of crisis

And retire from active service and begin to train the old body again

Facing the old bat suit

Staring at Batman

The scene changes, the police go to the scene

Light up with light Beyond that?

Weapons imitating a bat silhouette

And criminals already caught by someone

Traces evidently attacked around the chest. Batman resurrection?

Editor-in-chief of Daily Planet

Actually Superman is the real clark Kent

Reporter of Superman and its de facto thought Daily Planet, Lois Rain

Families who are chased on the roof by the flood and draw superman's "S" letters ask for help

Superman descending there

A birthplace where Superman was raised, from a foster mother, Martha Kent, a scene that is admonished that you must continue to help everyone, no matter how disliked people are

According to that word, he jumps into an extreme situation that can not help human beings at all if it is normal, silently executes life saving

The power like God is the object of faith.

Rocket explosion

Successfully rescued only the tip part

The more things you can help by using the power of the superhuman, the threat growing up

Congressman visits the source of a certain "genius" businessman under the idea of ​​having to do somehow

His name is Rex Luther

Superman's biggest enemy man

Deadly collected and kept secretly by the US military Rasubosu of the previous work, the dead body of the former commander of the army of the krypton "Zod General"

Someone's suit stored in the bat cave, the last road of Batman's partner

Superman to be worshiped

Batman, who returned to active service, declared war on war with lights

New type of bat suit

Discover something in the water

Batman flying to the exploding burning town

"Wonder woman" wielding supernormal power

Batman appearing in a place like a battlefield

Battle with Armies who are super believers

A new bat mobile meeting the explosion

The confrontation between Superman and Batman begins

On the other hand, evil genius scientist Rex Luther's head office building

Get superman's biggest weak point, cryptonite

Batman to hit Superman to eat and kick

Wonder Woman Blowing Off

Supermen who fly in batman in fierce momentum with fire

Beam light emitted from Superman's eyes

Batman to take out the wire quickly and fly away

That's nothing unless it hits a horrible attack

Rex Luther excites himself to finally start a clash with Batman and Superman

Serious serve Superman

Batman to be compromised

Two people confronting each other on the bat mobile that explodes and flames up and becomes useless, what will happen?

"Batman vs Superman Justice Birth", to be released in March 2016

The following are the old bat suit

And a new bat suits newly developed to fight Superman. Obviously emphasizing heavy-duty, it seems that he is trying not to get hit by Superman's attack.

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A trailer of a shocking movie "The Birth of Batman vs Superman Justice" that Batman is Stripped Masked by Malicious Superman - GIGAZINE

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