Man threatens to kill one million people every time helps Supermen invaders from Superman and a superman battle scene full of "Man of Steel" trailer is on sale on YouTube

"You can not win, every time that you save a human being, we will kill even 1 million more" to the invaders from the universe with terrifying threats to support it, superhuman power to support it and technology that transcends humanity On the other hand, a movie that fights a fight that disbelieves imagination by betting the fate of the earth as a young man who believes "I should have come here from a distant star with some mission" becomes "Superman"man of steelTrailer movie on YouTube has been released. It is deeper than the trailer so far.

Man of Steel - "Fate of Your Planet" Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

A mysterious message suddenly flowing throughout the world to the whole world "You are not alone (You are not Alone)"

"My name is General Zod" to speak to mankind is that General Zod, who is one of the surviving surviving stars of Superman

"I traveled over the seas of distant stars and came here."

"Your world hides one of my citizens"

"He has a figure that closely resembles you"

"But he is not the same as you."

"If anyone who knows where he's in is in this ... ..."

"The fate of this star is in your hands"

"Kal el (Superman's real name), let me tell you"

"Please surrender within 24 hours, otherwise this world will be outrageous ..."

The hero who decides to prepare for battle, Clark Kent

And the battle of rapidly developing battles one after another

"You can not win, every time you save a human, we will kill an additional 1 million people."

Superman buried in the mountains of the skeleton

Will Superman fulfill its mission and save humanity?

And heat ray released from the eyes (heat vision)

"300"Zach · SniderAnd "Dark Knight" "Inception"Christopher Nolan"Man of Steel" which the two of them formed a tag are open to the public from June 14th nationwide.

The main character who plays Clark Kent isHenry Kavill

Acting Jor-El, the real fatherRussell Crowe

General Zod, a tremendously powerful enemyMichael Shannon

Two parents who will be parents of raising are father Jonathan KentKevin Costner, Mother's Martha KentDiane Rain

Perry White Editor-in-Chief of the daily newspaper "Daily Planet" that the hero will workLawrence Fishburn, Loyce Lane who first writes about Superman as a good reporterAmy AdamsIt is acting, the actor is luxurious and full-fledged anyway

The opening in Japan is August 30 (Friday).

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