Superman will challenge a new battle "Man of Steel" trailer third

The first trailer in July 2012,The second trailer in December 2012Following the movie "Man of SteelThe third trailer was released. Scenes that could not be seen in previous trailers have been added considerably, and scenes and interrogation scenes targeted by the military that will come before and after the scene where Superman is entrained, interrogation scenes, enemy figures and so on are increasing I will.

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The mother star Krypton that is destroying for the war

It was Cal - el, the superman, that was born as a child of Joe - el (Russell Crow) and Lara Law - van (Aylett Zoller).

My parents sent Cal to Earth because krypton is no good anymore.

To be raised as Klass Kent, a farmer in Kansas.

Clark who will know the secret of the birth. Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), parent of raising, still hugs Clark if he is his son.

Eventually, traveling Clark.

Exercising superhuman power that was born ... ...

To know what you are yourself.

Awakening as a superman

However, it seems that it is not handled simply as "friend of justice".

Naturally, Superman is going to get caught up in the battle.

Superman who is questioned at military facilities, but a facial expression.

The movie "Man of Steel" is decided to be released from August 30 in Japan.

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