Dark Knight "Batman" and Superman "Superman" Clash with "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Revealed Official Trailer ahead of Schedule

It should be made public on April 20, but somehow the trailer has flown out overseas, so it was the official opening of the schedule ahead of schedule,Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeIt becomes a trailer main part video.

As a content, it is a continuation of the previous work which became a form which showed the power like that terrible God to mankind as a content, not human beings, it is the continuation of the previous work which flew in the sky, destroy everything, most attacks do not work For "Superman" which is a transcendent existence, "Batman" which is only "a mere human" is supposed to be stood in front of Superman, becoming a story beyond merely impartiality It is finished in a trailer that clearly understands.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Teaser Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Slowly approaching a mysterious statue that seems to be standing in the middle of the city from afar

A hand seeking salvation for people is directed to Superman

People already know the power of Superman superman who is completely transcending the human level, the world can not go back to the world anymore

With respect to its terrible power, the military power that human beings have is ineffective, and there is no choice but to just bow down

There is a direction to regard the appearance of Superman as "advent of God", and there are voices calling "devil from the sky", there are only two postures to Superman in the world

However, its "power" is genuine, Superman itself is "for now", there is no will to oppose humanity, it seems as if he is saving people, but if something triggered Superman If you go around to the enemy .... the state.

The statue that is built in the middle of the city is a thing to fight Superman

However, in that breast there is a graffiti called "FALSE GOD (God of Nise Mono)".

And a very steep gaze of a man

Before that, Batman's suit, he is the dark knight 'Batman' that person.

The time of decision approaches him who became Batman to beat evil. Is Superman a friend of mankind? Or will not it become an enemy who can not be turned away in the future?

Batman is just a human being, possesses numerous weapons created by the power of "science" although he does not have superhuman powers like Superman.

Criminal armed heavily in this way also became neutralized by the bombing from the sky

Almost invincible even from the ground

Although the details of the story is unknown, is not human beings just protected by strong aliens, should we not protect our world with our own power? It is expected that it will be a ridiculous expansion like questioning the existence of a super hero named.

Batman nestling with a sniper rifle

It is made of steel unlike the previous mask, obviously collecting and rebuilding all of the technologies that he can possess so as to protect the head from the terrible power.

Behind the line of sight is the appearance of Superman floating in the sky.

Superman overlooks Batman.

Superman descending with a tremendous momentum in front of you, finally Batman and Superman, do the two heroes crash, or is there a different future waiting?

A symbol of Superman emerging

It symbolizes the appearance of Batman, as if to cover it, symbolizing what the movie is about

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

The Zack Snyder coach, famous for such as "300", was tweeted as "mobile phone vs IMAX", which was scheduled to be released for the first time on Twitter. In the IMAX event on April 20th this time As declared below to show a new special premiere trailer video newly, it has been awesome retweet number and favorite number.

It is hoped for what kind of video will be released.

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