Just a human being who challenges Cheat Musou 's superman Who will win the Batman? "The Birth of Batman vs Superman Justice" Final Trailer

A movie depicting the forbidden fight with Batman and Superman representing Amekomi HeroBatman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe final trailer of "Hello! He has strong strength to lift 800 thousand tons of objects, has durability to withstand 40 megaton nuclear explosion, has no special ability against unbeatable superman to fly at maximum speed 8 million km km Although attention is drawn to how Batman fighting is, in the trailer, a scene that betrays the expectation that "Batman is made full-fledged" has appeared.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Final Trailer [HD] - YouTube

"Mr. Wayne, the enemy is on the 3rd floor according to the last information received"

"How about entering from the second floor?"

Batman has a bat wing ......

Break through the window on the second floor and invade.

"When I come in from the door I will do it as a beehive," the villains who arrange an interceptor.

The floor of the room where the villains are located collapses ... ...

It is the appearance of Batman.

If you put the right hook in a rogue ... ...

The head of the rogue stabbed in the floor.

"I've gotten older, the movement has become dull, Alfred"

"It's not a lack of training, it means you have been too old to die young."

"He has the power to destroy the world"

Bruce · Wayne (Batman) is looking forward to ... ...

An invincible Superman who fly in the sky.

"If the possibility of Superman becoming an enemy of mankind is even 1%, we can not miss it."

Is Superman a friend of mankind? Or is it an enemy?

Batman who boarded Batman broke the wall and began flashy.

"Become the world's best fight"

With Superman ......

Batman finally confronts.

Since Superman has a power that transcends human beings, Batman does not bother with every batmobile.

"God VS human, light VS shadow!"

"It is stingy"

A wrecked bat mobile.

Batman, who came out of Bat Mobile, is equipped with steel armor.

Superman slowly approached Batman ......

I will punch my eyes at an unspoiled speed.

Batman who got the punch thrusts into the building as well as Superman.

They broke through the roof of the building and blew into the sky. Superman's power is just cheat.

There is also one easy face for Superman brought up by humans.

Although it is a bad man in a rogue state ... ...

As expected it will not affect Superman.

Superman who smiles faintly as "Nyari".

Large energy waves are generated.

A city that collapses.

Batman is a beautiful woman at a party hall.

A meaningful remark, "I think I never met a woman like me."

"Batman with expressions that say" Do you want to do something fun? "

It was Wonder Woman whom Batman was cursing.

Wonder woman flying through the sky to Superman is more likely than Batman.

Large explosion.

Batman is the strongest in the human-level fight.

But even if you shoot a gun from the bat wing ... ...

I can not compete against Superman.

Superman with a sad expression.

Does Mad Scientist Rex Luther plotting the world conquer something?

Is it a structured fight ... ?.

I do not know why, but Batman seems to be caught by the enemy.

Superman glows his eyes red ......

I punctured to Batman quite well, but what is guarded.

"Finally my turn"

Superman with a look that "can not believe it" appears.

Batman's counterattack begins.

The movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be released on March 25, 2016.

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