When I enumerate how many people Iron Man has buried away this way

Iron Man, one of American heroes, is a movie "Ironman"Trilogy and"the avengers"Series, has saved the world from the crisis many times. It is an undeniable fact that Ironman is struggling to kill the bad guys in order to protect the peace of the earth even though it is a friend of justice, how many enemies they have been buried are actually counted I understood that it ran over and out of the number of people.

IRON MAN Movie Kill Count Supercut (Plus Robots) - YouTube

Kill count movie counts how many people Ironman killed in the seriesOceansparksCreated by. The movie starts from the scene of the event "Stark Expo" held in New York.

Tony Stark will be on sale as a big crowd gather.

Iron Man's Killcount movie is screened on the monitor of the audience where the audience is crazy.

First off from "Iron Man". Terrorists are watching the inside in front of the door ... ...

Two exploded from the door and two people died, the kill count at the lower right of the screen increased from 0 to 2.

Although terrorists compete with machine guns ......

Iron Man will be knocked down. In addition, Stark wears Iron Man's first armor "Mark 1".

Stark which honors your success with applause.

The terrorists hit the door to "escape from Ironman" and open it!

The sound of Dogon became and the kill count increased although the downed terrorists are not shown.

Terrorists with expressions "What's going on?"

Iron Man will appear with the door broken.

Iron Man who extinguishes terrorists with fire from both hands.

Kill count blew away every terrorist hideout, and it increased to 21 at a stroke.

The venue is exciting at the appearance of Ironman who wipes out evil people.

Iron Man wrapped in an armor who upgraded and knocks down enemies with repulsive rays emitted from the palm.

1 person……

Two people and enemies are eliminated with a blow of repulsorator rays.

Even if an ordinary person is taken hostage ...

Kill only enemies except hostages.

Pash and shoot a small missile from the arm.

I fly to Shururururu towards the tank ... ...

Three people were destroyed by a big explosion.

Repulsor light rays with both hands!

Repulsor rays hit the missile that was about to be launched ......

The neighborhood is in the sea of ​​fire. 7 KO at a stretch and the kill count totaled 40 people.

Exterminate Hamadrone with a warm machine in the Japanese garden. Hamadrone is a robot, it is counted by the red number in the lower left.

Destroy Hamadrone one after another using not only repulsor light rays but also punches and kicks.

Firing a small missile from the fist.

It broke three people gaudily.

To Hamadrone who does not decrease the number ......

It radiates red rays to the surroundings.

We destroyed 28 robots in total.

Stark which shows the face with claps of applause.

The next kill count is "Avengers".

Flying around the sky with a repulsor ray with full bolts.

Shoot the rocket from the shoulder!

I erased about 30 chitauli that were in there.

Parts of the arms are open to the top and ......

Firing a missile.

Big enemies blow away like Dokarn, but the kill count is only +1.

Ironman who kills while flying around.

As Ironman flies around, killcount will increase by donning.

I hit a repulsive ray on the shield of Captain America ... ...

Two bodies were killed using reflections.

A huge enemy comes close from the front ... ...

Iron Man jumps into his mouth.

I made the enemy a big explosion from the inside.

Iron Man that fly to the sky.

I took a nuclear missile as it was and destroyed the mother ship of Chitauri jumped out into space.

Spectators watching by playing Katzu.

The mother ship is destroyed together with the big light ......

The kill count increased from 109 to 75 thousand at one stroke. It was Iron Man who buried 75,000 lives in a blink of an eye.

Spectators who rejoice in genocide that will leave their name in movie history.

Stark hit the bad guys even in the state without wearing armor.

Even if it is confined from the back ......

It is a KO bashfully hitting the wall.

Even at such a very close range ......

I will blow off the enemies with a repulsive ray rather than a punch.

Kill count reached 75 thousand, after defeating two people flying around.

The last work of the kill count is "Avengers / Age of Ultron". Iron Man who constantly beaten enemies with repulsive rays as usual.

It is impossible to compare if the repulsive ray which is too strong is a living human being.

The kill count increases at a horrible speed.

A battle between Ironman and Hulk with a huge armor "Hulk Buster".

Hulk thrown by Iron Man crashed into the truck and the kill count increased "1". Apparently, the truck driver seems to have been counted.

Ironman will continue to increase the kill count steadily while flying around the sky.

The event hall is already a celebration.

And to the final battle with Avengers' friends.

Ultron Sentry, which attacks the Avengers, is a robot, and every time it is destroyed, the kill count on the lower left increases steadily.

Iron Man will beat Ultron Sentry at an unspoiling speed ... ...

76 robots were eventually knocked down, and humans and aliens were 75,555 people.

Stark has shown satisfying expression to achieve the historical achievement. In addition, Iron Man is currently publishing a movie "Sybil War / Captain AmericaIt is also a place to wonder how much to increase the kill count.

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