"Mighty Saw Battle Royale" trailer, Hulk fighting chatting saw and roki trailer, full of enormous and friendly ally super battle scenes

Iron Man and Hulk, Heroes appearing in Marvel Comics such as Guardians of Galaxy, Antman, Spider-Man and others in Captain America crossover in the same world viewMarvel · Cinematic · UniverseIs one of the works, the third film of the "Thor" series saw that appeared in The Avengers is the hero "Thor: Ragnarok(The title is "Mighty So Battle Royale") 's trailer movie has been released.

"Thor: Ragnarok" Official Trailer - YouTube

At the beginning of the trailer, Saw said "There were various things since I saw you before. I remember like I lost a hammer as I did yesterday, then I went on a journey to find myself It starts from the scene speaking to someone.

According to this word, the saw's weapon hammer 'Mujornia' is crushed into pieces ......

Saw is also blown away ......

The story progresses on the planet Sakar in the distant universe.

Saw captured by the present people with weapons.

And it was the fighting place that I was brought.

It appeared before Saw challenging the battle with wearing armor ... ...

Completely armed Hulk.

Dr. Bruce Burner, who is a human figure of Saw and Hulk who looks at something like an eerie tornado floating in the sky changing the scene.

Dr. Burner wears an ordinary suit, and it seems to be quite a floating existence among the work which is full of God and supernatural.

The scene changes again, a disk-shaped airship starts.

The destination is a center of an eerie tornado.

Doubtful shining green cloak inspired ... ...

Numerous corpses lie behind it.

This woman is the villain of this work Hera

Apparently hella seems to have existed as a fierce battle with Asgard's gods.

The scene returns again and Saw and Hulk fight at the stadium.

Eat powerful blow of Hulk ... ...

The saw boasting the strongest number one in Asgard will be unbearably blown away.

Hera who confronts the gods with only one person.

In other scenes, spatula which stands alone by the large number is projected.

The moment when Hera got a weapon ......

An intense explosion covers the screen.

Hera who follows countless swords looks exactly like a devil.

Evil signs will cover the city with the appearance of Hera.

On the other hand, saw is reunited with his brother Loki.

And we will fight with each other, we will steal enemies one after another with a beam cannon.

Hulk comes from a huge wolf and a shouting confrontation ... ....

One fight.

Also the appearance of Valkyrie as a friend of Saw.

Of course there is also Saw VS Hera.

Furthermore, the battle is to areas of different dimension.

Hulk, Saw, Valkyrie, Loki, 4 people line up ......

In front of us is Las Bosque's spatula.

Thunder running ......

Saw wearing lightning bolt

"Thor: Ragnarok"

The conversation scene of Saw and Hulk appeared at the end of the trailer.

In addition, the scene which fights the fire giant which Hulk burns is also reflected for just a moment.

In addition, as soon as the trailer is released, a new poster of "Mighty Saw Battle Royal" has also been released, and this is also necessary check.

Check out the new #ThorRagnarok #SDCC poster that just debuted in Hall H!

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