Batman counted how many knocken down enemies

DC comic dark hero "Batman" has been visualized many times so far, and the movie that draws a battle between Batman and Superman "Batman vs Superman Justice BirthIt is going to be released in March 2016. Batman imposes a rule on himself to kill other enemies than killless enemies without killing, but Batman fans who have counted in detail how many Batman are killing enemies are appearing.

BATMAN Movie Kill Count Supercut - YouTube

The movie "1989"Batman"Started from a scene where a unit with guns rushed into the factory.

Surround the periphery of the batmobile ......

I will shoot the gun.

I heard the machine sound "Vienna ......" something, and looked at the feet ......

A spherical object from the center of the wheel of Bat Mobile is Potri.

At the next moment, smoke rises from the lower part of the factory ......

Chuuden! This explosion killed 9 enemies at once.

Next is the scene where Batman wearing a protective mask is on the bat wing.

Bat wing fires a bomb from the car body!

The bomb strikes the float car for the parade where Joker's underpants lurk.

Six people died due to a violent explosion. At this point, 15 bad guys are buried in the other world with Batman's hands in hand.

A black man wearing sunglasses is looking under the bell tower ......

Suddenly the neck is caught by the foot which stretched from the bottom.

The head is scolded with his head sandwiched!

I fell down from the top floor of the bell tower.

The last of the movie "Batman" is a scene where Batman shoots a gun while hanging on the roof of the building.

Join the roof of the enemy 's feet and the roof which had been hanging on the other side of the roof.

It was Batman's enemy Joker who desperately caught on the roof.

The joker tries to escape from the roof, but accidentally slips her hand.

I crashed to the ground far below.

Following that, "Batman Returns" published in 1992, a confrontation scene with a crimson fire-blow man.

When you press the button that is installed in the bat mobile ... ...

Losing to a fire-blow man, jet fire from the rear of Bat Mobile!

Batman runs Bat Mobile immediately after leaving the place with a fire-blowing man who has been burned round with his own flame and batmobile flame.

Even then, from Batman Returns, Batman interlocks with the big guy of circus members. When Batman points his gaze down ......

The giant also looks down.

What a big man was wrapped with dynamite.

A big surprised man with his eyes wide open.


Batman punches the big guy and thrusts it to the drain.

Dynamite severely exploded as soon as the Giant fell into the ditch.

In the "Batman Returns" last, bats attack the penguins trying to kill Batman.

While the penguin goes down behind it tries to pry off a large amount of bats by hand ......

Crash into the windowpane.

It breaks through the glass and falls down.

The penguin died in the water as it was attacked by the bat and died.

Then Batman on Bat Mobile sees the switch.

A missile fly towards the car where the enemy rides.

The driver's seat masked man can only scream as "ah ah!"

Two cars exploded, cars in the driver's seat and passenger's seat died.

In "Batman Forever" released in 1995, batmill rushed down a narrow alley while speeding up batmobil.

When pulling the lever ......

How, Bat Mobile began to run vertically through the building wall.

The enemy's car chasing Bat Mobile crashed into the wall.


Even then, from "Batman Forever", Herbie Dent (Two Face) chase Batman on a thin steel frame and do a familiar coin toss.

Batman throws a lot of coins towards the two faces and throws it.

Two face trying to catch the scattered coin desperately.

However, I made my feet slippery ... ...

Fall into nitric acid.

In the first work of the "Dark Knight" trilogy, "Batman Begins", Bruce Wayne who finished training under the "shade of the shade" who holds the hide in the mountains of the Himalayas is a group Knowing that the entity is a terror organization, hold a sword.

With a lot of enemies in front, I will hook the cutting edge to the poker that had been inserted in the brazier in front of me and throw it.

Then the poker poker fell on the gunhouse.

Explosive detonation of the stored explosive!

The enemy is blown away at once.

Lazar Al Ghoul who is the boss of "shadow alliance" runs away because of life ... ...

It crushed by wood that fell down from above and died.

In the climax of "Batman Begins", Batman restrained the duke of the black curtain in the monorail car.

Batman said "I will not kill, but I will not help," leaving the du Card in the car and leaving the train from the railroad ... ...

I thrust each car into the parking lot of the building.

A big explosion occurred when the gasoline of the car was ignited, du Card death.

In "Dark Knight" released in 2008, batmobile will fierce car chase in the tunnel.

Bat Mobile that jumps over the sweeping car while hitting the car body against the ceiling of the tunnel.

After that, Batmobil will change direction and drive away with sudden braking, but it seems that the driver of the sweeping car was not safe.

In the "Dark Knight" last, children of Gordon detective will be taken hostage by two faces.

In a gap where two face throws a coin and is looking overhead ... ...

Batman takes a punch from the side.

Two fell from the building and died.

Completion of the new trilogy "Dark Knight Rising" has appeared a new mobile "Bat" flying in the city area.

A bullet hits the enemy's track and flames up.

The driver gets shot and dies.

The truck that lost the driver fell to the basement of the road.

A woman in the passenger's seat also died.

The last is the scene where enemies led by penguins come to Batman's base from "Batman" published in 1966.

When Batman kicks and defeats the enemy, the enemy disappears for some reason somehow.

Batman said, "My enemy has become an anti-matter (anti-matter) with my blow!" It seems that Batman was killing a total of 45 enemies.

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