"LEGO Batman Movie" Video release with continued appearance of Batman's hero

"Dark Knight" series, and "Birth of the Batman vs Superman Justice" is a hero Batman who is continuing his success, but in the "LEGO movie" released in 2014 it has been shaken in the direction which is not much like a hero It was. In that sequel, Batman seems to be the protagonist indeed, so even if the first published toother trailer is not "absurd" it shows quite a few figures.

The LEGO Batman Movie - Batcave Teaser Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Batman came while resonating voice percussion.

I noticed the camera and started PR of my movie 'The LEGO Batman Movie'.

Such a figure seems to be surprised when you are pursuing live-action movie series such as "Dark Knight", "What's this Batman !?", but I agree if I knew Batman at the previous album "LEGO Movie". Of course we have a hero-like aspect, but they are considerably weird.

A little Uzakara that seems to have left the screen and comes to return the microphone.

Production studio is Warner Bros. who once sent "Batman".

The names of successive works continue, including the latest work "Batman vs superman Justice birth" where Batman appears.

And "LEGO movies" too.

So, Batman who came back.

That somewhat returnable declaration sounds lonesome ....

However, a lot of Karakuri was waiting for his return.


Batman who seems to be coming home somewhere

An airplane flying intensely while drawing a flame


Free hands and a full smile

The scene changes, Batman going down from the sky.

Kicks burst

A great acting drama with friends ...!


Change clothes while moving on a conveyor.

Oops, what am I supposed to do ......

Underwear does not get off well, it gets entangled with feet, and one pants looks miserable.

Still wore a bathrobe ......

Move the lobster to the microwave.

Cancel what you set for once in 20 minutes and set it in 2 minutes.

Batman who waits still in front of the microwave oven, I can not wait even for two minutes and I have started humming.

Batman who jumps out with wire

From behind ... ....

Lolo of "The LEGO Batman Movie". According to the previous work "LEGO Batman Movie" Notation.

I seem to be enjoying the chin lobster.

The movie will be released in 2017.

I think that this is the end, Batman who begins to throw Badutan (boomerang) towards Warner 's logo.

At last, one shot got hit and the logo gently rotated.

It changed from "Warner Bros." (WB) to "Warner Animation Group" (WAG) logo.

By the way, the previous work was a misunderstood medieval adolescent · Emmet who was misunderstood as "a chosen one", but with the help of wild girls and batman's, it was a story to face the fight against the Great King Great Wolf, As of now, the work is unknown except that Batman seems to be the main character. I hope the scenes like battle with Superman who came out on the way are not dreams ... ....

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE - Official Movie Site - In theaters 2017

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