Batman scouts heroes to form the strongest corps group "Justice League" first public release picture

Following the film 'Man of Steel' and 'The Birth of Batman vs Superman Justice' Zack Snyder directed movie 'Justice LeagueThe latest image of "The latest video was released. In the latest video Batman is showing a scouting hero who is not easy to scout, not only the action but also the comedy scene.

Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage - YouTube

"Someone is coming from this sea to this village"

"He comes to winter with few foods and brings fish."

"I always come over the big tide and it's about yesterday," says Batman Bruce Wayne.

And Arthur Curry, Aquaman's appearance, will say "Please speak."

"An enemy attacks this village from a distance, so we are looking for warriors to fight."

"I will search for a strong guy like this man (Aquaman) and make an organization to protect it from the attacking enemies."

Wonder woman holding a shield.

Aquaman drinking whiskey with bottle.

Aquaman is an amphibious submarine man and has the ability to communicate with water creatures and telepathy.

A scene changed and a young man came home. At home, monitors are placed here and there, reminding hackers.

Wayne talks to the young man, "I finally came, Bruce Wein."

The young man who returned to home said, "Please explain why a stranger is sitting in the chair my second favorite in the darkness".

A sudden angry Aquaman.

Lift Wayne and knock it on the wall. Apparently it seems to refuse Wayne's invitation.

"I do not know you at all, if you are looking for someone ...."

At that moment Wayne will sprinkle and throw Bat Lang.

A young man who dismisses Bat Lang with a tremendously fast movement.

Bat Lang passing by in front of you.

Then look back to Wayne and show the expression "Are you a Batman!?"

It catches the line again to Batlang and catches it as it is.

"You are fast moving, are not you?"

I say ironically that "expressing me only with" fast "is an expression of excessive simplification". This young man is Barry Allen, the flash that has the ability to move at super high speed. Besides super-high-speed ability, it seems to have ability to express irony plentifully.

"I am building a team with people with special abilities like you, a powerful enemy ... ..." Wayne talks to me with a serious look ... ...

The flash intercepted Wayne's story and announced its participation with immediate responses "I will join again!

Wayne remembers embarrassment against The Flash which does not explain everything "Eh, really,?" That participates.

With flash with Wayne being confused, The Flash is plenty of room to say "Do you mind if I get this?"


Wonder woman of Strong Supernatural power.

Cyborg which remodeled a lot of whole body to machine.

The Flash.

Aquaman who refused to participate once.

"I've heard of you, but I did not think that it really exists."

"It comes out only when necessary"

Although it did not appear in the trailer, there is superman in the latest poster and it seems that it will be wrong to appear in the movie.

The Justice League is scheduled to be released in the United States in November 2017. The date of publication in Japan is not announced at the time of article creation.

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