A joker-like appearance is found at the shooting site of Batman's new movie

Next year's 2008 is Batman's new movie"Dark Knight" will be releasedAlthough it is done, the appearance of a person who seems to be a villain "Joker" appearing in Batman wearing purple clothes at a place considered to be the shooting site was confirmed.

The pictures and movies that caught the joker are from the following.
Exclusive TDK Set Report # 3 8-13 - The Superhero Hype! Boards

The joker is getting down the stairs in the lower right.
YouTube - JOKER ON SET TDK Filming 7 - 13 - 07

A movie whose track of Joker is running.
YouTube - TDK - Run - through with Joker truck.

I can not distinguish it well, but it seems that Joker tracks and tumbler (bat mobile) are reflected.
YouTube - TDK - Joker truck and Tumbler

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