Iron Man Corps full action scenes full of action scenes "Iron Man 3" latest trailer movie appearance

It is different from the past and it has a feeling of tragedy and even full of unprecedented action scenes "Iron Man 3The trailer movie has been released on YouTube. BGM also matches considerably the atmosphere, and it is creating an atmosphere like 'Iron Man's Last Battle'.

Iron Man 3 - Official Trailer UK Marvel | HD - YouTube

Helicopter approaching from the other side of the sea

Iron Man suit, which is still being developed, and the suit of the past

Peace will continue ... ...

It will be shattered

The United States does not accept peace kept by the hands of one individual

The search for a new hero continues

And the emergence of unprecedented strong enemies

Footsteps of the falling collapse

Bombing of presidential plane

Numerous allegations of gaze aimed at Tony Stark

Eventually the premonition of the crisis reality.

Mysterious helicopters attack one after another

Missile launch

Iron suit which is being destroyed in an instant

Ironman who is vainly fighting, defeated

Victory of evil


Iron Man standing up again

Fellows who support Ironman

And the story goes to raging climax

In Japan, it is open on Friday, April 26.

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