The first edition of "Justice · League" trailer which fighting fight of Batman · Wonder woman · flash etc are seen

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc DC super comics superheroes gathered, directed by Zack Snyder director "Justice LeagueThe trailer video of 'The trailer of the movie was released.

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer 1 - YouTube

People who conquer the wilderness of the snowstorm with horses

What came to the small village of Irie ... ...

Bruce Wayne. I am preparing for the attack from far side.

However, the threat has already come close to us.

The boxes are suspiciously shimmering and moving with rattling.

And shadows creeping in from behind.

Diana Prince talking to Bruce. It is Wonder Woman.

Red eyes shining creepy under the robes ......

"Cyborg" that first showed up.

Batmans challenge the battle with powerful enemies.

Wonder Woman


And flash

Also the appearance of Superman's lover Lois Lane.

As Aquaman comes out, it seems that there are many depictions in the water.

What kind of battle will you fight with numerous enemies?

Aquaman and Batman that seems not to be compatible, here we temporarily hold hands and fight.

Film releases are scheduled for November 18, 2017 in Japan.

In the first part of this trailer, the appearance of Superman who should be the core member of the Justice League does not appear at all and is depicted as if Wonder Woman pulled the team. I'm looking forward to future information on how Superman who showed overwhelming strength to Batman at "Batman vs Superman Justice's birth" will join the fight.

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