Batman scouts super heroes to save the world without Superman "Justice League" The latest trailer released

movies"Batman vs Superman Justice Birth"After superman lost his life, in order to save the world where violence and terrorism rampant, Batman is a female fighter ·Wonder Woman, The ocean kingAquaman, The fastest in the world ·flashOf whole-body weaponsCyborg · VictorScouting and fighting like enemies who are fighting while fighting "Justice League"The latest trailer of the song was released. until nowSomewhat comedy touch trailerYaA comic trailer with 4 minutes openAlthough it was published, the latest trailer is closer to the core of the story and the highlight of the battle scenes is drawn clearly.

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Heroes Trailer - YouTube

A woman who came out on a porch.

Beyond the smile ... ...

The figure of Superman Clark Kent.

When a woman returns "What?" To a man who says "I think I will buy that," ...

"It's a ring."

However, at the next moment, the appearance of a woman with a finger ringed on the ring finger will clench the soil.

A woman who awakens on the bed reaches her arms reflexively, but no one else.

The news that "Superman's death, violence and terrorism are increasing" flows.

The headline of the newspaper "The world where hope has been lost".

Raids and explosions occur frequently ... ...

The situation that "This is the end of the world" continues.

"It's an invasion"

When a girl looks outside the window countless invaders.

"The deeper darkness will come," says Bruce Wayne.

To Batman ......


Wonder Woman

Cyborg · Victor

Flash is gathered to protect the world without Superman.

"But we are not enough"

"The world needs Superman"

Aquaman falling ... ...

Victor catch.

And Aku-man who was thrown out by Victor ... ...

Pierce the enemy with a spear.

The figure of the enemy also exists in Bat Mobile.

Batman eats surprise c ... ....

Wonder woman came to help from behind the enemy.

I got it.

Batman who shook off the enemy destroys the building in front and pushes it forward.

And unexpectedly Aquaman was on Bat Mobile and a lot of fighting scenes were drawn.

In addition, "Justice League" is scheduled to be released in Japan on Thursday, November 23, 2017 in Japan.

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