"Great Wall" is a ridiculous action-fantasy movie "The Great Wall" starring Matt Damon that was made to fight unknown monsters Trailer

The Great Wall of Valuable Cultural Heritage registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a historical building that was built over about 1700 years. A monster unknown to the Great Wall gets attacked, and the elite troops on the ground led by Matt Damon and the mysterious monsters are fighting the battle where the Earth's life survived "The Great Wall"Trailer is released. "HERO" and "LOVERS", "Rimasu", etc. have a reputation for coloring in useZhang YimouThe director is taking a megaphone and attention is paid to the artistic element.

The Great Wall - Official Trailer 1 (Universal Pictures) HD - YouTube

Great Wall in China.

In the Great Wall, troops dressed in yellow and red arms gathered.

I do not know what role Matt Damon plays, but I carry multiple red arrows.

A beautiful woman dressed in blue armor is played by Jin Tien.

What on earth will the army gathered in the Great Wall should fight?

Andy Lau plays like a high-ranking military man.

When preparations for fighting are over and waiting ...

A sudden monster appeared.

The soldier who was in the front of the row was thrown away.

Matt Damon also dives from the Great Wall.

It will fall straight backwards as it is.

With the advent of monsters, the Great Wall is transformed into a battlefield at once.

A soldier with a rope wrapped around the waist will jump down.

Perhaps there seems to be a monster beneath the wall, but I can not confirm its appearance and number. When I saw a soldier throwing himself out and fighting, it seems that the monster has made a considerable number of attacks.

The blue corps also fights under the wall while fighting.

Under the wall is a battlefield and it is necessary to get rid of the monster to win and win the war.

Costume and the building are magnificently gorgeous, also because it is a work of director Chan Ji-moo known for stunning color usage.

Not only from the Great Wall, but also a corps ride on the balloon came and covered from the sky.

When Matt · Damon sets aim with a bow and arrow ...

The bow will be laid bashfully. Does this arrow lead to the enemy general?

"I was born for a fight"

"Fight for desire and God, this is the first war worth fighting"

In addition to Matt Damon, in addition to Hollywood actors such as Willem Dafoe and Pedro Pascal, many actors such as Andy Lau, Jin Tian and Vicky Yu are also participating, and America and China just hand in hand The expression of defending the world from the imminent monster is a perfect movie.

"The Great Wall" will be open to the public on September 29, 2016, then will be released in the United States from February 26, 2017. The publication date in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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