A movie theater "Enthusiast cinema" that can meet an unexpected movie in the school's wooden school building

It was built in 1928 and was familiar as an elementary school for a long time in the middle of a bar in Kyoto.Former · Toshin Elementary School"is. After closing down in 1993, it is said to be the "world's first live-action movie" invented in 1895 at a place that is active as a base for local events, plays, music, exhibitions, etc.CinematographIt is also a famous place to be the first place projected in Japan. On the third floor of the elementary school building of Shimonoseki elementary school which is such "place of origin of the Japanese movie", "Intrigue CinemaThere is a movie theater called "movie theater" which is unavailable in large movie theaters with a large number of people.

Takashinaga Cinema Project | Kyoto · Kiya Town Community · Former · Tachin primary school theater

"Shinsei cinema" is located just in the middle of Kiya Town, Kyoto, Sanjo-dori and Shijo-dori.

The nearest station is Kawaramachi station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, and it takes about 3 minutes on foot to the north from exit 1 ....

There is a former · Bunko elementary school with Bunkyo cinema.

In Kiya cho cho street where the eating establishments are lined up, it seems that time has stopped here only with a quite different appearance.

Characterized by an arch-shaped entrance.

In front of the entrance, films currently being screened in Shingo cinema are introduced.

On the huge blackboard there was written about the screening work and screening time.

In addition to the arch, it is a sign of "Kyoto Municipal Education Elementary School" which is also a witness of former elementary school.

Besides Toshinagu cinema, plays such as theater are performed at Yuan Elementary School.

That is why I infiltrated the elementary school and the elementary school immediately.

The entrance is like this, the exposed wires are stretched on the ceiling.

Whiteboard with monthly schedule written ......

Posters and pamphlets related to the work screened in Shingo cinema are lined up.

The cinema is on the 3rd floor, and it seems that the sale of tickets is also being sold there.

The entrance on the right hand is "no one other than stakeholder". Cool white walls and wooden flooring create original elementary school sense.

There are many classrooms in the hallway ... ...

Each classroom has a name tag with a thing of the time.

There was a note written in the broadcast room as "RHK Masayuki Broadcaster". The remnants of these former elementary schools create an atmosphere in which it can not be said anything.

After entering the entrance and there is a staircase on the left side it is OK if heading to the third floor from here.

On the 1st floor of the former · Tenkoku elementary school there is a toilet and a graduation photo exhibition of Seiken Elementary School, and there is a magical cinema for this time on the 3rd floor.

An ant on the right side of the toilet facing the stairs.

In the aisle it is a locker that removes commonly used cleaning tools at school.

The toilet goes through the auditorium in elementary school ... ...

It is located ahead of the courtyard.

The view from the courtyard is strange too.

You can not enter the auditorium.

Here is a big relief made by a graduate carved as "school life of memories".

Blackboard and ...

We can see many remnants of elementary and elementary schools, including school songs by Tachinaga elementary school.

From the auditorium the ground next to the elementary school is chilly.

Returning to the space with the stairs to the third floor from the auditorium.

There was "Hoshinetsu" next to the stairs on the first floor.

Inside is like this, wooden desks are lined up and there is no atmosphere like a health room at all.

A commemorative photograph of successive graduation at Shogun elementary school is displayed in front of the health department.

Graduation photographs of the past are displayed from the graduation photograph of how the Meiji 22 year.

Go around the first floor around the street and go to the Shinto cinema.

I will climb the wooden staircase.

The ground is glittering from the landing.

It seems that he will not get lost because there is guidance like this on the route to the Bunkyo cinema.

The second floor was off limits.

What kind of classrooms are there and how are they used?

If you go up to the 3rd floor as it is, there will be "Jikusetsu", and there is a magic cinema on the left.

In the class, "I do not use without permission" and it is said that there is a large Japanese room in the back.

There is no restraint above the 3rd floor.

Cinema is here.

The entrance of the cinema is like this.

Ticket sale and movie waiting room space is here.

The watch is a simple thing that seems to have come to school anyhow.

Since there are a large number of books, you can also read books placed here to crush time or buy things you like.

On the wall of the waiting room was posted a handmade clock with a poster of the film to be screened and the screening time.

A movie poster is also on the blackboard.

This is the entrance of the theater. When I visited there was a movie being played, so the blackout was dropped and I could not enter the theater.

"We need tickets in the future."

Brochures and goods etc are also sold.

That's why I bought a ticket.

Tickets are generally 1500 yen, "4" written in numbers is a reference number.

The entrance which was closed by the dark curtain when time arrives is Pakari

Within a theater like this, you will sit in the classroom where the dark curtain is stretched and watch movies.

Chair is a simple chair.

The projector used for the screening from the opening of the movie theater's blackout curtain is tiled.

There are two speakers in the theater next to the screen and two on the side of the theater.

Sitting in a seat and looking at the screen looks like this.

When I visited Shoshin cinema I watched "Melody of fan house" "GREAT ROMANCE" "I hate the girls.Three of. Melody of fan house is 15 minutes, GREAT ROMANCE is 7 minutes video, and the screening time of the girls was about 80 minutes.

Melody of fan house is a short movie that can enjoy music × frame shoot animation. The theme song isN '夙 川 BOYS'FUN HOUSE', N '夙 川 BOYS 3 people will also appear during the play.

Movie "Melody of fan house" trailer video - YouTube

Gray ROMANCE is a mysterious movie that expresses male and female love stories with actresses and dolls. The collaboration of Takashi Iizuka and Kiyohito Kawamura is imaging the things completely different in human size and doll size.

Movie "GREAT ROMANCE" Prologue & Trailer - YouTube

As the catch phrase "pretty, the worst." As the catch phrase shows, indie movies based on girls 'cute' and 'poison'. The starring isAoi MorikawaWith musicFeatherHe is in charge.

"Konjackei Kirai" Trailer (New Version) - YouTube

By the time we finished watching the movie it was completely night and the atmosphere in the school was different from daytime.

Former · Bunko elementary school of the night is like this.

Outside is dark, Kiya Town is only a drinking street, there are lots of people at night.

It is very close to Kyoto 's downtown area so it is very easy to access and feel free to drop in on visiting Kyoto city. Because it is a former elementary school, a person who stops for the first time may think that "Here you can enter?", It is recommended because you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of elementary school and meet movies that can not be seen in big theaters .

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