Wall-haired TV "Wall PC" was announced Thermaltake's different dimension COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 booth looks like this

"Wall hanging" style television makes the living room stylish, but ThermaltakeCOMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015I announced a PC case that was able to hang the PC on the wall. However, if you put a PC on the wall, it seems to be a punk and cyber feeling rather than a stylish one.

Arrived at the Thermaltake booth.

It is a giant size "Core X 9" that is a little worse for the upper body of adult women.

A powerful demonstration PC is still on display.

The width is about 50 centimeters.

The front of the case is full of fans.

The power supply is mounted on the bottom part and can be thoroughly cooled with 4 fans.

I will peek inside from the acrylic panel.

It seems to be completely armed with water-cooled parts.

From the fitting of Thermaltake brand, a cool pipe (coolant) is sent to a heat source with a transparent pipe, and heat is discharged by a radiator installed in various places. It seems to realize high cooling performance, not dress up parts for looks.

The overwhelming impact of the coolant and the waving habit. This is a level that can be an object.

When you turn around Ulla you are split into two top and bottom.

That's why two ATX sized motherboards are laid flat on top of each other.

This is a demo PC called "Project X".

A fully open machine, here tooBitspowerIt is water cooled with parts.

Odd design that can not be seen with PC at all.

When you look at the motherboard, it is finally understood that it is a PC.

If such a machine is put in the living room, there is no doubt that visitors will be forced to choose between excitement or don.

This is a demonstration PC called "Thermalthor".

Inlet which shaped a dragon.

ThorIs a God appearing in Norse mythology, and Thermalthor imitates Toll 's hammer.

A flashy illumination from the side acrylic panel.

The side also shines with LEDs.

This is the "Wall-mount" system. As its name suggests, it is a system that installs a PC on the wall. The demonstration machine is equipped with Intel Core i7 4790 in ASUS's SABERTOOTH Z 97 MARK S and SLI of two GTX 970s. It is unexpectedly stunned, a blown-out PC.

When thinking sideways thinking that it is such an ant, another wall-mounted PC "Core P5" is exhibited. How, ants, big ants, prepared putting & wall hanging Core P5 is scheduled to be on sale.

Core P5 demonstration PC is ASUS specification called MAXIMUS VII IMPACT + STRIX - GTX 970. There is a transparent acrylic panel on the whole surface so as not to touch by mistake, but the side part is open.

Although the installed CPU is unknown, it seems to respond to every configuration if it is real water cooling like a demonstration machine. It is also expected that the real water cooling kit for Core P5 will be released from Thermaltake.

A huge radiator can also be mounted.

The power of the demonstration PC was 1050 W.

3.5 inches × 1 + 2.5 inches × 2 and a storage place is secured. It seems good to have RAID 0 with 4 2.5-inch SSDs. Wall PC Case Core P5 will be released in the fall of 2015.

Does flashy fans with LEDs ......

Thermaltake booth of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 that shines fantastically with a water cooling system.

Case of that BMW designLevel 10Even it seemed to be relatively quiet, it was an unlikely booth that passed through without being noticed by most people.

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