A crispy soft rice sauce & rice cracker ice cream is excellent compatibility "Japanese sweets ice sau Mitasa" Tasting review

Work on manufacturing and selling sweets and Japanese confectionsChateraseSo, from June 4 th (Thursday) Ice and Mitarashi dumplings combined "Japanese sweets ice wraith (spoon) Mitarashi"We sell. Speaking of ice cream with rice, Haagen Dazs in the past"Flower mochi" seriesI sell ice, but I was concerned about the finish of Japanese chocolate ice cream, so I immediately bought it and tried it.

Japanese sweets Ice sauce Misato 4 pieces | Chartrese

"Japanese confectionery iced sauce Mitasetashi" is sold at 298 yen including tax, with cup ice set in a set of 4 pieces.

A bag of sauce is thick enough - The photo of the rice dumplings has been printed.

Japanese sweets Ice Mr. Misatoshi Saji has a three-layer structure of "Mitarashi sauce", "rice cake source" "vanilla ice".

By type, "ice milk", raw materials include Mitara sauce, rice cake sauce, rice flour, Mitarashi dumpling-like materials are included.

The energy is as low as 107 kcal per one.

When I took it out of the bag, a rustic illustration of Japanese style was drawn on the lid and side of the cup.

"Waka" means "Japanese sweets"I"And toy and ice"spoonIce with a sense of newness, meaning to scoop and eat with spoons ".

When I opened the lid, ice cream with plenty of brown sauted sauce appeared.

Scooping only Mitarashi sauce with a spoon, I ate it and it was a sweet taste of soy sauce base, a little salty taste, it is exactly like "Mitarashi dairy noodle". It is put on cold ice, but the sauce is not cold and solid, it has a smooth texture.

Below Mitasa sauce there is a transparent rich source hidden.

Sticky sauce is sprinkled with a spoon and stretched out yo and it is soft and smooth finish like the name of "rice cake sauce". Even the same "rice cake"Haagen-Dazs moose with ice creamIt was different from a resilient type like. Thanks to the biweekly source, the taste of soy sauce draws in the mouth.

When you eat mitarashi sauce, rice cake sauce, vanilla ice cream together, sweet sauteed sauce entangled with plain vanilla ice cream and compatibility is outstanding. The ice that I used rice flour was a Japanese style finish that felt the sweet flavor of rice slightly. Since the content of one cup is as small as 76 ml, it was a size that you can eat lightly on a snack in afternoon snacks.

"Japanese confectionery iced sauce Mitasetashi" is on sale at the Chateletase all over the country.

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