The fish market in the country that eats the world's best fish is full of tuna, I tried roaming around Maldives capital Male

I missed my meal of sashimi, sushi, sushi, rice bowl, netegro and Japanese. An island country floating in the Indian OceanMaldivesWhen I was looking at the fish market in Fukushima Prefecture, I was filled with chubby thick tuna as well. Per capita in MaldivesFish consumption is the best in the worldis.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. From Cairo in Egypt at the end of February,Bulk reservation for flightsBy the way I could stop by the Maldives. It was a bullet schedule with only one night staying in Male of the capital but it was an exciting journey with lots of discoveries. Especially fish market where massive tuna is handled is a must see.

◆ About Maldives
Maldives where Sanskrit words "island garlands" originate. Coral reef islands join the circleAtollThere are a lot of people gathering together to form a country. As an island country of the Indian Ocean, it is located on the western side of southern India shaped in inverted triangle. Sri Lanka of the island country is also floating on the east side. The land consisting of 1190 islands is 300 square kilometers, and in Japan it is about the same area as Iriomote Island. Despite its small land area, about 345,000 people live, and the world's leadingCountry with high population densityIt has become. per personNominal GDP is US $ 6666And South Asia's largest. Because the highest sea level is 2.4 m, if the island may sink, measures against global warming are being screamed.

The currency isRufiya. Banknotes were not portraits of people, but vessels indispensable to the island country were drawn.

The official language isDhivehi languageIn the notationTurner characterThe unique character called is used. Turner characters were sometimes attached to vowel symbols above or below the consonant, and the sentence looked like a portrait overall.

Religion has many people believe in Islam. After walking around the city, there are dotted buildings of the mosque covered with dome like onions.

The climate is rainy season and dry season, but throughout the year is a regular summer. I visited the 25th and 26th February was a dry season, so it did not rain, so I responded to the sunlight but I was able to do sightseeing firmly.

◆ Walking around Male Island
Arrived in the morning to Malé 's capital Male. Since there was a luggage storage office at the airport, we will charge 5USD a day (about 600 yen), but leave the bag with the folding bike. If it is only Male Island, we judge that we can make one round even if we walk. Because there are lots of luggage, the bicycle could not be mobilized unless assembled, so it seemed that time to sightseeing was scarified. From the airport to Male Island in the city center by ferry and go to the inn that was booking on the internet at once. When I arrived, I could check in in the morning. After a short break, I go around an island about 5 km around. While taking pictures, I will walk with plums.

The city area of ​​Male island where buildings lined up in limited land. About 100,000 people live everyday life on an island for about 42 Tokyo Dome.

Republic square (Republic square) is the center of Male Island.

The streets of the city where buildings are dense are a bit narrow, and crowded with cars and bikers going and going.

Since it is a small island, motorcycles are popular as means of transportation by local people.

A breath in a break space at the corner of the intersection.

Because it is a flat island, the radio tower is on the roof of the building.

Although it is a limited land, there is also a recreational facility like a baseball stadium.

I saw the vegetable market, so I looked inside a little.

Radish in garlic.

The mysterious fruit which was called "Pine Fruit" is also native to OkinawaTakonokiIt seems to be the fruit of. I was tasted, but it was a sweetness and texture like a ripe persimmon.

Willingiri Island just west of Male Island. People also live here.

Become the gateway to MaldivesIbrahim Nasir International AirportIs located on Hulule Island, just northeast of Male Island.

Therefore, when you reach the airport, you have to go to Male Island by ferry.

Because it is an island surrounded by the ocean, many ships connected to the harbor are indispensable for movement.

If I were born on this island, I would like to go out to a big sea with a small boat like this.

A large ship loaded with many containers was calling.

◆ Living Surrounded by the Sea
There is a public beach on Male Island, and it is a place for local people to relax.

Local women enjoyed swimming in the clothes without exposing their skin because of Muslims.

A youth who is interested in surfing

Young people also get octopus.

When coming near thinking that it is a beach which is rugged hardly ......

A fragrance of white coral was clearly found falling

People eating fish in the world
The old man was a breakwater, I was fishing with an unreliable mechanism just by attaching thread to the can. I was suspected that "Can you catch fish like this?", But I will catch a hedge by chance. A fish of sufficient size even if it is rounded and served for dinner. The country that eats the world's best fish is not Date.

It is the fish market that delivers such 'bounty of the sea' to the table of Maldives. A lot of fish are traded in fish market of Male Island.

The protagonist of this fish market will be tuna everything.

From the tuna of the size close to the rugby ball ......

The size was also various, up to the huge tuna carried by two people and carried.

It is only Japanese foods such as sashimi and sushi that come to mind when seeing plump and fattened tuna.

The form of tuna that looks like a missile. I can imagine how it was swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Even so, it looks delicious.

Small tuna is tightly attached to the dolly placed outside the fish market.

At the fish market, not only tuna, but also a wide variety of fish were sold.

An elongated fish like a saury. But, obviously big size.

Fishes who were thrust into a bucket in a casual way.

Tuna bought by locals was brought to the next workshop and was vividly dismantled.

Peel off the skin with familiar hands, go through the kitchen with Suu, and you are quickly dropped down to 3 cards. The movement of craftsmen who has no waste has never get tired of watching it.

In the fishing port outside the fish market, new fish are being carried from the fishing boat.

A huge monster fish raised on the ground with two people from the fish preserve.

A fisherman with a dignified face carrying tuna.

Looking at the sea from the breakwater that protects the fishing port, you can see the fish and drifting fish.

A fish that looks brilliant also comes to play.

Fish dishes are main in the local dining hall. Because I was old, I felt the fish was tastier than meat, it was a Maldives.

Although this tuna is a habit, I can not find a local eatery where I can eat raw. Is it also a sushi restaurant? It was a pity that we had tuna but that we did not meet sashimi and sushi. I missed live tuna, so I have to go and see it again.

If you are not alone, you can also enjoy a resort island called "terrestrial paradise", but you can enjoy Maldives alone. It was as short as 2 days and 1 night, but this time I traveled in Maldives like this.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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