"Paradise in the Caribbean Sea" I enjoyed "a single beach" with a cheese carder in Belize

"One person karaoke" "One person yakiniku" "One person Disneyland" and various "one person" are talking about on the Internet, but "One person beachIt was also quite a thing. It is the only person in the beautiful sea. Even if you stand in loneliness, the sun will shine strongly. Then, there is no choice but to swim anymore. What a crystal clear ocean is fun of. I was completely fascinated, so I attended a snorkel tour as well. Caribbean islands floating in Central America BelizeCooker. There was a paradise where gentle time flows, which does not suit the bustle of the city.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. When going south down the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico along the Caribbean Sea, you will enter Belize. Unlike the Spanish-speaking region of the region, the former British colony where English is relatively easy to communicate. The currency Belize Dollar is fixed as the US dollar, so it was possible to pay in US dollars in the city. About 32 km northeast of Belize City in the largest city of Belize Cayeurs. I leave my bicycle and luggage in the hotel and move by speed boat.

This place is a Maple in Belize.

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Terminal in Belize City.

From Belize City up to Caye Caulker two companies "Caye Caulker Water Taxi" and "San Pedro Water Taxi" operated a speed boat. Both companies flies to the island San Pedro near the border with Mexico, and the shape of the car kicker get off on the way. "San Pedro Water Taxi" also operates flights to Chetumalu, Mexico. I used "Caye Caulker Water Taxi".

Departure time of the boat.

Here is a timetable.

A round trip cost 7.5 dollars (about 750 yen) is the speed boat fare. Because it was written as $ 5 (about 500 yen) if it is one way, it was better to buy it by return trip. (The prices in the article are all expressed in US dollars)

State of waiting terminal

I will cross the island with such a ship

Let's leave Belize City ......

A boat that goes on while raising a lot of splash. It was fast and comfortable.

Another speed boat

If you think you've arrived, another island

Inside the ship. Since Belize is striving to attract tourists even as a national, tourists and backpackers are on the same ship.

Arrived in Caye Caulker from Belize City in about an hour.

Crossing the jetty and landing on the island.

After securing a cheap hotel, we walked to explore the island. When you walk along the beach with pla plaque, a pleasant wind blows through. When I get tired, I have a rest in the shade of palm trees. The north side of the island became a beach and a lot of people were making noise. I was reluctant to swim with "I am alone ... ...." I also jumped at one cycle pants. It is drawn into the clear blue sea.

Surrounded by such a sea like this.

To the blue of the sea, blue of the sky.

The north side of the island is a beach. The other side was another island, and I was able to swim and land.

A ship passing by a waterway

A sea that is transparent enough to reach the ocean floor

The end of the day was to look at the sunset. To the sea in the west, not the eastern side that landed. On the top of the wharf sticking out to the sea are those who think the same thing. There was nothing to be hastened, just looking at the other side of the beach and the sea.

Seas on the west side of the island

While shining ......

Go down the altitude ......

It sank below the horizon.

In lieu of the moon sharply, even the night came to the cage coker.

◆ Join the snorkel tour

As I explored the island on the first day, I participated in a snorkel tour the second day. I tried to talk a couple of stories on the previous day, but responded similarly everywhere, "There are three places to stop at $ 35 (about 3500 yen)." I imagined that "Travel agencies are only mediating, and where they sign up will arrive at the same tour," but when I joined it was different. To each small boat, each tour tourist. In my tour there were six travelers and two guides were members.

Apply at a tour company close to the hotel.

"SWASH" ​​"CHANNEL" "SHARK & amp; RAY ALLEY" It stops at three places.

Goggles, snorkels, fins (flippers) are included in the tour price for rental.

Move on this ship and move

I do not get a feet when I jump into the sea from the boat. Snorkel's breathing method is hard to get used to. But we could swim all the way, so if we grabbed a knack, we could move freely afterwards. While breathing in the snorkel, the world under the peep except by goggles. Fight against fish near coral reefs. With the thrust of the fins attached to the feet, we move about underwater with the feeling of becoming a fish. I did not know that underwater is so fun.

The sea is bright ... ....

It was like a pool.

This transparency.

We swam with Aye and Shark

This is a big deal

precious experience

Staying at the Caye Caulker was a cheap "Daisy's Guest House". The appearance of the Western backpacker also got mixed. Atmosphere that old building was calm again. It takes a while to walk to the supermarket and beach in front of you.

The simple room was $ 15 (about 1500 yen).

The door stopper is a shell.

I would like to stay in such cottages if someone is with me. There were a lot of inns in the cage coker.

Sunset on the second day seen in the same place as day 1

◆ Island life

About 1,300 people live in a cage around 8 km north-south and 1.6 km east to west. Unlike travelers who stay only for a short period of time, they have to live on the island. That is why the necessary facilities were available just like the mainland city.

Main street penetrating the north and south

Downtown where restaurants, bars and travel agents line up.

The road is sandy, the feet of life are golf carts or bicycles.

Parking space also golf cart only

Information Map

There are many posters on the community board

I will save rain water. It is necessary because it is an island with poor water resources.


Post office and library

A few supermarkets operated by Chinese people

Fire truck

I also found a gas station. "I will use gasoline for golf carts and fishing vessels," he told me.

A power plant that covers the island's electricity

Tractor carries Coca-Cola

Soccer Ground

Basketball Court

A park filled with colorful colors

In countries where one can not buy video games, "Video game shop" is operating like a game center. Children were entering and leaving even at the cage car.

◆ Caribbean paradise

As I returned to Belize City on the morning of the third day, I stayed only 2 days in a cage cooker. I could enjoy it enough enough. Because you can be happy just by watching the sea in a warm place. I was relaxed.

Sandals look good on shoes than sandy roads. Barefoot on the island too.

Palm leaves swaying in the wind

I was wearing a large amount of palm fruit

Wherever you look it is funny figureTabibitonoki


Flowers in the island brightly blooming so as not to lose to the blue sky and the sea.

It makes me feel the paradise

Red flowers and dogs

Children playing at the beach seems to be really fun ......

I jumped in from the pier one after another.

Just watching, you can be happy.

The caravan of Belize was a Caribbean paradise located 12,220 km from Tokyo.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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