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Did you know that there is a restaurant floating in the sea on Zanzibar island, where the shallow waters of cobalt blue spread and "African paradise" is said?

Hello!World newspaperA special reporterTaira Hiroyukiis. I am now in one of the world's three largest waterfalls in the city of Victoria Falls, the city of Livingstone in Zambia (the red line is the land road, the blue line is moving by the air route).

Recently I heard the story that there is a "restaurant floating in the sea" on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania called the paradise of Africa. This time, I forgot the fact that it is a backpacker, I have tasted the resort feeling to its fullest.

◆ What is Zanzibar?
All AboutIn Zanzibar, "Zanzibar is a natural paradise surrounded by far-reaching beaches and coral reefs that go on forever Zanzibar is also a cultural paradise where Africa, Arab and Europe were interlaced, and the number of islands in the world There are also few islands that are so beautiful and characterized by a unique culture. "

◆ Move is hitchhiked and saved
"Restaurant floating in the sea" means that it is a resort restaurant, the price will not be suitable for backpackers. From the nearest city Paje we also go through a mini bus called Daradara, but as a backpacker I would like to save as much money as possible ... .... there,In a way I'm always officially approved by the Japan Hitchhiker AssociationI tried hitchhiking.

The red truck that stopped accepted us well. Zanzibar is really a paradise.

Get off at the place where you can see the sign of "THE ROCK" which is the name of the restaurant. I am excited at signs filled with southern countries.

Proceed to the direction indicated by the arrow. Plant green is very shining in the blue sky peculiar to the resort.

When you bend the end street, you will see a private house that uses grass like roof as a roof, on the street surrounded by the fence of the tree branch. It is peaceful.

Walking along that fence, 3 minutes. Apparently, it seems like, a building that I saw on the net appeared from behind the bushes. "Huh, this is more a husband on the ocean ..." and will advance further along the way with a half-trust.

There is a parking lot for restaurants on the beach at the end ......

The Maasai wearing famous traditional costume of red check greeted me as a guardman. They are distinguished as City Maasai and seem to come to work in urban areas of Tanzania and Kenya.

◆ Hamamatsu Restaurant "THE ROCK"
I could see it from the sandy parking lot! Ocean ...... It's a restaurant on the beach "THE ROCK". Here Zanzibar is famous for its shallow waters. Therefore, the coastline changes by several tens of meters due to the fullness of the tide. Even though I actually walked off the coast about 30 m, the sea level was still under the knees.

The place is here.

The time I took was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and the roof of the restaurant was buried to the base of the rock. I was told to go by boat, so my disappointment was not extraordinary.

Let's take care and get inside the store. Of course, I will walk to the stairs at the entrance.

As you climb the stairs, you will see a sign of "THE ROCK".

When climbing up, Wi-Fi letters greet you with elephant-stained dolls in front of you.

There were about 40 seats in the shop, and it was likely to accommodate 50 people or more when combined with the terrace seat.

I chose a seat by the window. On the other side of the ebb, you can see the barely transparent ocean. I regret that having not calculated the tidal wave.

However, the scenery reflected on the window of the wine shelf was very romantic and entranced.

The correspondence of the staff also was polite and it was a comfortable space.

◆ Signboard menu is seafood grill
Well, I will order dishes at once. I was given a menu table in the picture frame. It was heavy and hard to choose.

The chosen drink is Kilimanjaro beer. Of course, it is Tanzanian beer. It was very easy to drink.

This is a cocktail called "THE ROCK". It was similar to a Japanese cocktail called China Blue in rum base.Article of the Asahi Newspaper 2013According to Zanzibar island that 97% of residents are Muslims, is this stylish alcohol allowed?

This one dish we asked for the appetizer. Vinegar and garlic are useful, with table beat and potato laid under white fish, and it was delicious.

This is the signboard menu here. It is an assortment of seafood grill with the name "The Rock Special". It is reasonable for a resort restaurant that costs $ 55 (about 6600 yen) for 2 servings.

In addition to not being able to meet delicious seafood quite easily when leaving Japan, I can not take it any longer for the long time. Let's eat!

The contents of the assortment was a petrel shrimp with little love to see in the shrimp, white fish fillets, cuttlefish fillets, car shrimps, and photographs of Japan.

The taste is alright, the smile does not stop.

Because it is troublesome, we will have dessert at the terrace. The view from here is exactly an ocean view. Over the horizon, various blue overlap multiple times.

Fruit ordered and homemade vanilla ice. It is also exquisite that the vanilla of ice cream was thick, while also tasty of tropical fruits. Sea breeze cooled the body that was burned with beer, making me feel refreshing.

◆ Maritime restaurant that finally appeared
Leaving the shop, descending the stairs there was seawater spreading. The tide is filling up.

Some people crossed the ocean from the beach by looking at the other side.

When I arrived at the sandy beach, I turned around, there was a maritime restaurant on my mind. I wanted to see this.

◆ Revisit
The next morning, I went to the restaurant again after checking the time close to the high tide. Then, is there not a ship on the sandy beach? I suppose this is possibly ... ...

I started. I am headed to a restaurant by ship.

And the ship took a shore. This is the marine restaurant I was imagining. Thank you for not fulfilling my expectations.

This restaurant is often introduced as a restaurant you would like to visit once in a lifetime. Of course, I think that there are many things being evaluated this unique landscape and the view from the inside of the shop, but I would like to recommend it also in terms of price. This time, we went by two people and ate drinks, appetizers, main desserts and it was 86 dollars (about 10,000 yen). Of course, as a backpacker it is an expensive price that makes the stomach painful, but I think that as a resort restaurant, it is affordable. There were Westerners who only ordered drinks, and even the poor travelers were open to doors.

Anyhow, even when it is on the ocean, even when the boat is in and out, it is only deeper than this, I felt it was a restaurant that I feel easy to visit than I imagined. I am stretching my right hand under the stairs (laugh).

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