I entered the "Mikawa Onsen" in the Philippine open-air bath designed by the Japanese

On the Negros Island of the Philippines, an outdoor bath designed by a Japanese landscape gardener loved by the governor of NegrosMikawa Onsen"there is. About 1.5 hours from Bacolod, the largest city in Negros Island, I went to Mambukal Resort (Mambukal resort) where I could leave the bustle of the city and be refreshed and enjoyed Mikawa Onsen.

Welcome to Mambukal Resort!

To Mambucal you will head by bus from the bus terminal in the south of Bacolod city. That is why I took a jeepney BATA and left for the bus terminal.

The location of the bus terminal is here.

Go into Lesarez Avenue ......

I will go down the jeepney if I see a 7-Eleven.

There was a market spread to the east side of the bus stop.

The bus is like this. It is a car body that remodeled Mitsubishi Fuso's canter.

It is supposed to be two row seats ...... on both sides, Filipino people often get caught because the third person sits on chairs.

Fares that substitute for distance. As of September 2016, between Bacolod and Mambucal was 35.5 pesos (about 80 yen).

Even at the bus stop and on the way, the selling child came.

The bus departed while I was over there. It seems that buses are coming out at intervals of about 30 minutes.

A peaceful countryside scenery continues.

Passing through the city with a big church on the way.

People on the ceiling.

Arrived at Mambucal Resort in about an hour and a half.

First of all, I will pay an entrance fee of 50 pesos (about 110 yen) at the entrance.

There was a map.

It seems there is "Japanese Ofuro" ahead of going up the slope.

Walking, I will arrive at the place where the road is divided into two. You can go straight to Mikawa Onsen by going down this road on the right.

Walk for about 10 minutes and cross the bridge ... ...

There is a massage shop. If you turn right at this massage shop it is Mikawa Onsen.

By the way, the massage was oil reserved swedish 400 pesos (about 900 yen), so it was a resort price.

Aside where Maria-sama's statue is decorated ......

Mikawa Onsen

Mikawa hot spring was supervised by Mr. Koichi Yamaguchi who runs the landscape business. Negros Island Mr. Yamaguchi completed the completion of Yaguchi-san in the city of Nagros. It is said that Negros State Governor asked Mr. Yamaguchi to design an outdoor bath, a symbol of Japanese culture.

The price is 100 pesos (about 220 yen)

The bathtub was about 140 square meters and it was a vertically long bath.

Hot water flows from rocks imitating a waterfall.

In the facilities there are toilets and ...


Shower room was also equipped.

Mikawa hot spring is a mixed bath in the open space, so wear bathing suits and enter.

The state of entering Mikawa Onsen can be confirmed in the following movie.

I entered the "Mikawa Onsen" in the Philippine open-air bath made by the Japanese - YouTube

The water temperature is a little tepid. However, the bath in a peaceful place where rivers flow aside, seemed to be perfect for enjoying a short holiday.

There are seven other Makubaru resorts in addition to Mikawa Onsen ... ...

Large and small two pools ......

A heated pool or ...

On the banks of the river ...

Barbecue space ......

There were many facilities such as a large pond that can ride on the boat.

Of course there is a restaurant too.

Exquisite banana juice and ... ...

You can enjoy local food.

There were many families with children, and everyone was enjoying a cool mountain fun one day.

The return bus goes through the entrance gate ......

Since there is a bus stop in the immediate area it is OK if you return to Bacolod.

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