I tried "Turtle Burger" made with sea turtle meat on Tax Haven's Cayman Islands

Caribbean island CaymanTax havenIt is also known as a diving spot where you can meet colorful fish and turtles in southern country. Especially sea turtle seems to be a deep place, and it was once named "Las Tortugasu" which means sea turtle in Spanish. Now you can eat cultured sea turtle. So, this time I decided to go to a shop where I can actually eat "Turtle Hamburger" and check its taste.

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The way to the shop by the sea is like this.


The roof is like green that somehow reminds me of a sea turtle.

The menu is as follows.

Turtle Burger is 16.95 Cayman Dollar (around 1500 yen).

A comfortable place where comfortable tropical sea breezes blow through.

The outside scene looks like this.

There is a counter seat in the shop.

This is Turtle Burger.

It looks like a normal hamburger.

I brought it with an adult male hand. I did not compare exactly, but it is as big as the Burger King's Wapper.

The patties that they are made of farmed sea turtle meat are as follows.

Chilli and onion are mixed in, and fire is thoroughly passed.

Looking up it is like this.

Actually eating it is quite sour and seasoned and there is also chili's spicy so I do not know the taste of the meat itself. In addition, there was a slightly muddy impression, it was never easy to say the taste easy to eat.

So, the sea turtle meat may not be suitable for the taste of the general Japanese taste by cooking law, but as it is certain that it is precious ingredient, try it as one of memories making It might be good.

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