I went to the Olympus huge loss concealed case, the tax-free island of Cayman

British territory in the CaribbeanCayman IslandsThere is an unusual law that a company not doing business on the island does not have to pay corporate tax etc. Because this is a system born out of thinking that it is better to attract foreign companies by tax exemption rather than tax collection because there is no particularly large industry other than sightseeing and the population is also around 40,000 , Commonly called tax havens (tax avoidance areas)The BahamasYaBritish Virgin IslandsIt seems that laws similar to this are also adopted.

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For this reason, various companies have gathered in Cayman Islands for the sake of tax exemption, and now more than 1,500 funds and more than 570 banks and more than 430 insurance companies are in the same place
It is foundedAnd that. Also, in the case of the Olympus incident, the company AXAM, which paid about M $ 0.6 billion (about 4.8 billion yen) for M & amp; A made by the company to hide the losses in the past, was registered in the Cayman Islands, The name of the world became known.

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So on this island there is a movie "Wall Street"Gordon · Gecko and other friendly investors and Russian Mafia, the Arab oil king etc are walking with Zorozoro with a bargain to the casino king, so I actually went to the site and confirmed what kind of place I decided to see it.

We aim at Miami (Map A) and Cayman Islands (Map B) located in the southern tip of the East Coast, Florida.

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American lobby waiting for departure is like this. You can not see the billionaire or the king of oil here yet.

The inside of the cabin is like this.

There is a capital city Georgetown with flight of 90 minutes from MiamiGrand CaymanI came over the island.

There are huge passenger ships anchored in the cove on the island, and surely the celebrities are supposed to have parties in there, probably ... ... surely.

Landing at the airport.

I get off the airplane from the ramp and walk to the airport building by walking on the runway.

It is too refreshing tropical landscape for the stage of a huge economic incident.

The row of passport check is like this.

When I entered the lobby, I found a tourist information.

First, get a map of the city.

This is the scene just after leaving the airport. There are no intelligent investors or celebrities in the neighborhood, only the relaxing countryside scenery is spreading.

Pay money at a taxi counter to go to Georgetown, the center of the island.

An African aunt who has a tremendously high tension is the driver.

The travel distance is 3 to 4 km, and the charge is US $ 18 (around 1476 yen).

The scenery from the car window is like this.

There is not a building, no convenience store, and there is a peaceful scenery to follow.

So, what I found by walking in the city of Georgetown is as follows.

Chickens are stepping on the road instead of celebrities and oil kings.

A lizard is also discovered.

Kentucky where a sign written with a slightly unfamiliar font was listed.

International postal service FedEx.

Rolex watch brand, which is considered to be for travelers.

Hard rock cafe where you can enjoy music and meals.

A large bicycle famous brand, Harley Davidson's store.

A boy who runs on the skateboard throughout the city. Where is the oil king or celebrity?

A mysterious lizard statue.

Chicken again.

Seascape view.

Road along the sea. Especially there are not many running luxury cars.


I found a post office in the area considered to be the center of Georgetown.

A post office box lined with the slurry just outside the building, just next to the road.

On the plate attached to the wall is written "KY 1 - 1103", this is the address of this shelf.

In addition, countless small maildrops are lined up in the shelf

PO Box itself is a very ordinary service in almost every country, but there is such a small scale in a small town that does not even have a convenience store, as it is the paper company that puts only the address without actually having it in this place It seems that it is because there are countless numbers. However, since the contents can not be confirmed, the truth remains a mystery.

So it is an honest impression that it is quite a relaxing place for the stage of the economic case which crawled the world when actually coming to the Cayman Islands. Although PO Boxes lined up in the streets have some sort of atmosphere different from ordinary places, just walking around did not see dubious objects or people.

However, we can not go home as it is, so we will sneak into local deep places from local restaurant restaurants to banks.

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