Kitaro Ramen and other Yokai Snacks at Sakaiminato City

While exploring "Kitaro's Town" Sakaiminato, Tottori, we found many interesting food. There were "Kitaro Ramen", "Kitaro Soft Serve", "Tuna Burger" that gives you a taste of Sakaiminato's speciality seafood, and many more!

So here's our review!
"Kitaro Maguro Ramen (Kitaro Tuna Ramen)" at the entrance of Honmachi arcade street.

Kitaro greets you in the shop. And he's standing on ramen!

We ordered "Kitaro Maguro Ramen" and "Maguro Kakuni Ramen (Ramen with stewed tuna".

"Kitaro Maguro Ramen" topped with sashimi (raw tuna). It's a shio(salt)-ramen based on fish broth accentuated with refreshing yuzu flavour. 750 yen.

"Maguro Kakuni Ramen", also 750 yen.

Wasabi was recommended with the ramen, so we mixed it in the soup a little. Use sparingly!

Kitaro & co. "Welcome to San'in!"

"Ooops! You found me" says Medama Oyaji.

Next, let's check out "Sanpei Chaya", the burger joint located nearest to Sakaiminato Station on Mizuki Shigeru Road. The sign's in the shape of Ittan-momen.

"Maguro Burger (Tuna Burger)" 600 yen, "Nurikabe Bikkuri Burger (Nurikabe Surprise Burger)" 500 yen.

We tried both.

"Maguro Burger".

With a bunch of cabbage.

The tuna steak uses lean part of Pacific bluefin tuna fresh from Sakaiminato harbour. Teriyaki flavoured.

Tuna burger might not sound good, but actually it's delicious! And nutritious too, from what we can guess.

"Nurikabe Bikkuri Burger" with bacon as huge as Nurikabe.

You might've thought Japanese burgers were small, but this one sure is filling.

Time for dessert. We tried these somewhat spooky looking Yin-Yang soft serve. By the way, we call them "Softcream" in Japan, but it's basically the same as what you get in a Dairy Queen.

The "Yang" side is sweet potato flavoured.

"Yin" with black sesame and squid ink!

Yin and Yang makes "Kitaro", since he's half-Yokai-half-human. 300 yen. "Yang" tastes like sweet potato, "Yin" tastes like black sesame but you won't notice the squid ink, so don't worry. Maybe the squid ink is just for colour.

We found a bakery.

"Kitaro Bread".

They've got sweet buns shaped like GeGeGe no Kitaro characters.

They also got soft serve, with pie in the shape of Ittan-momen. For some reason, almost all tourist spots in Japan sells soft serve.

You get to do a lot of walking to explore the Yokai Town, so eat your fill and get ready!

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