A strange movie "submarine sandwich" that creates sandwiches from socks and gloves is completed with funds collected at cloud funding, and a movie is released on YouTube

Joining pieces of frame shots and finishing them into a single movieStop motion animationWe have published a number of works using a technique calledPESThinks,Academy Award nominated levelIt is an artist. Such PES is the cloud funding site'sKickstarterNew movie work created by raising funds from all over the world is published on YouTube.

Submarine Sandwich by PES - YouTube

The stage of the movie is a retro meat shop.

I reached out to the lump of meat ... ... and I thought that, somehow this is a number of gloves made of leather.

A slicer that often sees in a butcher's shop appeared.

Somehow again the glove is on the slicer.


The glove was sliced ​​like a ham! Moreover, the surroundings are a mysterious world view of a lace shape with a fine hole. The movement which is sliced ​​with "Perot, Perot" makes it a nice taste without saying anything.

Arrange sliced ​​ham on bread ......

Next time I tried something like a rugby ball.

Slicing with spin pack, this time somehow like something like a badge.


More gloves.

It seems to be a type of catcher mitt used long ago.

Slicing, gloves of genuine leather made somehow.

Topping the glove.

What looks like might be a sock ... ...

Became the successive patch of the major league team "Red Sox".

I took out a soccer ball this time. PES is making a movie pretending to be a shop owner.

For some reason the soccer ball is like a discoid film. I will go over these ingredients (?) One after another.

Pick up things like lettuce cut from the tray containing the material. It should never be a newspaper or something.


Take out things like tomato ......

topping. It looks like plastics without limit.

It seems to have taken out something more like a topping's purple onion, but this obviously is a spring toy 'Slinky".

Absolutely. It seemed delicious and delicious somewhat.

To finish, reach out to something like vinegar ... ...


Pepper also topping.

It was like an eyeball often appearing in PES's movie.

And finishing the top half of the bread, finishing the submarine · sandwich ... a mysterious PES world full of movies. It seems that this taste seems to say that you do not know unless you actually see the movement in the movie.

This work, PES is a cloud funding siteKickstarterIt was created after soliciting funds with. Although the movie itself is seen on everyone on YouTube, Kickstarter's shareholders are provided with special T - shirts, original film frames, alloy submarine models etc, and above all, this work is directly I got a valuable opportunity to back up.

'Submarine Sandwich' - a film by PES by PES - Kickstarter

Furthermore, a making image is also created in this work.

Sub Sandwich: Behind The Scenes With NIKON - YouTube

PES who takes the food with one hand. In this movie, a technique called "stop motion" that connects images taken one frame at a time is used.

Even for images that seem to be moving smoothly, in fact, taking pictures while changing positions slightly positively, finally one movie was finished.

The situation is also introduced in detail on the manufacturer of the camera "D 810" used to shoot the movie, and the special site of Nikon.

PES on Stop-Motion & Making of "Submarine Sandwich"

in this way,"Submarine Sandwich"Has become a work expressing PES's own view of the world as well as being a work that shows the way of art unique to the Internet era that anyone can support artist activities from all over the world did.

On PES's site, you can also see various works and purchase original goods.

The official home of stop-motion artist PES.

Also, YouTube's channel "PESfilmBut you can watch the movie as well.

Game Over by PES - YouTube

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