When I went to Machu Picchu without paying as much money as possible, I got a little adventure

Machu Picchu, a world heritage popular for Japanese travelers. But, I do not know where it is, how much money it will cost. Why do not you spend as much money as possible on Machu Picchu .... A little adventurous journey was waiting for the bridge to collapse and trekking over the railroad tracks.

Hello.World newspaperIt is Matsuzaki Atsushi of. I am in the town around the world, now in the city of Puno, Peru. The city on the shores of Lake Titicaca is said to be in the middle of a festival, parade and fireworks and binge every night. I am having a sleepless night.

Located at an altitude of 3810 m, Titicaca Lake is the world's highest lake where steamships and other vessels can navigate.

The men in the suit walk through the town according to the brass band. It is awfully insidious.

Girls have a petal on their aunt

Well, this time when I went to Machu Picchu. Speaking of Machu Picchu, the ruins of the Inca civilization called heavenly remains, aerial city, lost city etc.NHK's World Heritage rankingIt is a world heritage that is popular among Japanese people, such as becoming number one.

However, there are many people who say "going to Machu Picchu" is "high" and "dream of another dream" too. I tried going to Machu Picchu this time as much money as possible.

This route

On a larger mapMachu Picchu 1Show

First of all, I will fly from Japan to Peru (Lima). Depending on the time it will be between 180,000 and 230,000 yen for round-trip (I am not around here because it is around the world). From there we take a bus (about 23 hours) to Cusco, the starting point of Machu Picchu. It depends on bus company but it is about 4000 yen.

Peru's bus is quite comfortable with Wi-Fi, flat seat, 3 meal drinks. I will not be bothered by moving for a long time.

This route (enlarged) Red is Machu Picchu

On a larger mapMachu Picchu 2Show

From Cusco to Machu Picchu village (the village at the foot of Machu Picchu), I normally use a train, but this time I will go by the route of bus + walk.

About 5 hours in this van until the start of the trekking route to Machu Picchu village. (About 1500 yen)

Tomorrow is breakfast at the terminal. Soup with major spaghetti in Peru (about 60 yen). Delicious on a bird basis.

A rural scenery spreads from the train window

On the way, when she stopped in town, her aunt who was a son swept like a wave

The road is divided and serviced

However, there are also rainy seasons and where the river water is flooded.

It seems that there was a fairly storm last night

The car suddenly stops. "I can not go any further," a driver. Looking ahead the road is gone.

I will get off the car for the time being

It seems that the river rose and bridged the bridge. Because I had a simple bridge, I could walk by walking.

Person carrying goods

Old-girl of the rain boarding house

Everyone is pulling out a motorcycle

Walk to the other side

On the way to Machu Picchu encountered the scene where the bridge collapsed

Person who puts out a store in confusion

Everyone has no legs so I only have to eat it

Find an alternative car on the other side and go on

Something has become a great road

Almost Destroyed

Truck stuck with muddy streak

Change to the bus.

The scenery of the masterpiece spreads easily

Changing a car four times I arrived at the trekking gate to Machu Picchu village for about 5 hours

There is Machupichu aiming at the back of the mountain behind

Route around the mountain. The lower left aqui is your current location, Aguas on the upper right is Machu Picchu village. It takes about 3 hours.

I will go on the track. A girl who works in Machu Picchu village took the way and came out.

Standby bye road

Oops, the train came. People with money please go with this.

A raging river

I will go over the bridge over it. The interval between the sleeper and the sleepers is quite open and it is too scary ....

By the time I got to the village, the sun was dying. It took 11 hours from Cusco after all.

I stayed in the village this day, and the next day to Machu Picchu. There are many hotels from luxury to cheap in the village. We stayed at a hotel of 600 yen per night.

The next day, the weather was cloudy. I will use the bus from the village to Machu Picchu. (About 1500 round trip)

I reached the gate of Machu Picchu. The entrance fee is about 3800 yen. Japanese tourists and backpackers - Yaro, there are many Japanese.

When entering the park, the area is surrounded by mist, a mysterious atmosphere

A river far down. As expected, there is only saying the sky.

Oh, I got a glimpse.

It was indeed there. Quietly, but with an overwhelming presence.

Entrance to the city area

Inside quietly quiet

A group of buildings with magical shapes

Temple of condor

Teradical fields that made crops for people living in the city

An elaborate waterway stretched over ruins

Ishigaki unique to Inca civilization

There are about 200 such buildings

I climb the mountain Machu Picchu (which is not well known, but to be recommended) rising behind the ruins and decide to watch from a high place. The ruins themselves are also wonderful, but what goes wrong and the surrounding location is amazing.

From the middle

From the top

When I descended, I got a sunshine

Llama and Machu Picchu

What took with this trip ......

Lima → Cusco 8000 yen (bus / 4000 yen × 2) + Cuzco → Machu Picchu 3000 yen (bus / 1500 yen × 2) + Machu Picchu village → Machu Picchu 1500 yen (bus round trip) + Machu Picchu entrance fee 3800 yen = approximately 16300 yen

It is a feeling. When you go from Japan, air tickets (18-230,000) will come here. If you go to Machu Picchu from Japan, you will have at least 300,000. It goes cheaply when going by person, and is a translation that you can enjoy a little adventurous journey to see this time.

(Sentence / picture: World Newspaper / Atsushi Matsuzaki

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