I went to the Palenque ruins that suddenly emerged from the Mexican jungle

Speaking of the great remains of the location, Peru 'sMachu PicchuAlthough there are such things, the Palenque ruins of Mexico are also pretty. The ancient city group suddenly appeared from the jungle was a masterpiece.

Hello everyone.World newspaperA special reporterKeihito Kiyais. I am in the whole town around the world, currently in Mexico town called Palenque.

Palenque is around here

On a larger mapRoute of travelShow

The streets of Palenque. The relaxed atmosphere is drifting.

A colorful building is characteristic

I stayed in this room

Landscape from the hotel

Zocalo in the town (central square)

It is lively with locals and tourists

A pretty church. Socalo of Central America has a church so to speak.

One day, I was told that from the desk of Uchi "From the jungle of the Palenque ruins sticking out something is quite romantic, Kiyotani-kun!" I did not understand at all, but I went for the time being. First off to a corner where travel companies gather.

Discover a minivan heading for Palenque ruins. It is about 150 yen for one way.

Because it is written as RUNAS (ruins) it seems no mistake

It goes to ruins mixed with locals

In the vicinity of the entrance of the ruins the cars are in line. The surroundings are already jungle.


At the ticket counter immediately ......

Get a ticket (about 450 yen)!

The vicinity is crowded with a shop

This is the entrance covered with the thatched roof.


The jungle welcomes you

It is depressing

Discover a small waterfall!

Where is the ruins?

I have not seen it yet

At that time! What is visible in the back of the trees ... ....


I showed up. It is a ruins of Palenque!

In WikipediaPalenque ruinsIs explained as follows.

Palenque (Palenque) is an ancient city ruins of the Mayan civilization in Mexico and is one of the world heritage in Mexico.
Located in the state of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico as the base of the Yucatan Peninsula, a group of buildings called "typical of Mayan ruins" centered on the palace as the remains of a city that reached its peak in the 7th century, doing.

It is full of tourists

The stairs are quite inclined. I will climb it.

It is "Temple of skull"

Relief of the skull at the base of the pillar. It seems that the skull of the rabbit is a motif, but it is creepy.

I have a good view. Oh! I can see a matrix of something

I will line up as well

A little after.

Finally to the entrance. There seems to be a grave room called "Red Queen".

The inside is narrow and dim.

What's this !? This is one ... .... What is the red one, still having a mysterious tombroom ......

The uncle also desires the camera desperately

It is really hot this day, and everyone is resting in the shade.

"The temple of the inscription" has a stone board with more than 600 inscriptions carved at the top. Although it is off limits, the silhouette is beautiful.

I reached the highlight "Palace" of the Palenque ruins. It is thought to be in the center of the ruins and the king lived there. The towering in the center is the "astronomical observation tower" which is said to have been used for astronomical observations.

The steep stairs are already familiar.

The inside looks like a maze

A window shaped like a cross

The four sides of the "astronomical observation tower" point to the east, west, north and south. The Mayan people are superior in astronomical observation and have a very precise calendar.

A ceiling part of a triangle called "Maya arch" characteristic of the Mayan ruins

There are various reliefs on the wall.

Here too.

When you are doing that, you discover a lizard.

When I looked down from the palace I saw a canal

When getting down, a pretty souvenir shop.

Somehow Maya seems like

There are still ruins on the other side of the waterway. Let's go.

How many steps did you climb the stairs today?

There is a new building in front of you! The view from the top looks good.

Overlooking Palenque!

Among these vast relics, only 40% of the total excavation research has already been done, and 60% are still enigmatic ... ....

When I was immersed in roman, I remembered that 12 mosquito bites had been stabbed, I left the ruins while doing polypoli.

Statement · Interview:Keihito Kiya
Supervision: World newspaper

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