I realize that it takes money and time to fully enjoy Machu Picchu

Many tourists visit as the largest tourist attraction in PeruMachu PicchuIt is also popular among Japanese people. However, it turned out that various attention was required. Expenditures are severe for saving backpackers. Even with money there was not enough time, and when the weather collapsed, nothing could be seen.

Hello, I saved money and time and went to Machu PicchuTakuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Although it was not the lowest, it was quite a tough journey.

◆ Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire
I took a tour of the ground paintingsIt is in the mountains of the Andes from the coastal NazcaCuscoUntil it was a series of violent pass crossings. From Nazca go up 98 km and cross the 4150 m pass to Phukio. Once again go up to 4000 m and the highland area will continue. It is too painful to go up the slope when it exceeds 4000 m, and I was resting with my legs in breath. Even a plateau energetic alpaca is envious. It was hard to get down to snow and rain, but I can not forget the mysterious starry sky that caught in the middle of the night. I rested at Aban Kai on the way and crossed over a big pass to Cusco.

Cusco until the Spanish invasion in the beginning of the 16th centuryThe Inca EmpireIt was prosperous as the capital of Japan. The streets where the stone pavement and the old church remain are filled with historical emotions and the atmosphere is close to the castle town in Japan. Cusco has become a sister city with Kyoto, Mexico City, Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Xi'an and the famous ancient capital in the basin of the world.

Cusco Town in the basin

Armas Square, the center of Cusco

Beautiful cityscape feeling history

Ishigaki from the Inca Empire era

Unified brown tile roof creates lovely scenery

◆ Until you go to Machu Picchu village
Machu Picchu is here

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In order to go to Machu Picchu village which is the base of sightseeing tourism from Cusco by yourself
1:Electric train
And there were three choices. Train is excluded because it exceeds about 100 dollars for round trip. Although I was thinking of a bus, I decided to go by bicycle because it seemed to be lacking in excitement when I went alone. However, the route of the bus and the bicycle together, bypassing the valley greatly, heading to Machu Picchu village from the opposite side from the train. I challenged with my lighter bicycle by depositing unnecessary luggage such as tent and sleeping bag in the hotel. The route of the bus is GIGAZINE's "When I went to Machu Picchu without paying as much money as possible, I got a little adventureIt is published in an article called "Say.

Escape the mortar-shaped Cuzco urban area

Fields spread in the highlands area

Takamine with snow cover

A big town called Urubamba in the area called the Sacred Valley

Day 1 stayed at Ollantaytambo

There were also ruins of the Inca Empire period here, and it was crowded with many tourists.

Orient Thambo headyards

A little from Orient Thambo, the climb to about 4,300 m passes begins. You have to raise the altitude from about 2800 m to 1500 m. It was a light bicycle with few luggage, so I was able to rise powerfully, but I came in the rain caught near the summit. When reaching the top, downhill to Santa Maria about 1200 m.

Turn up the altitude

I will climb the valley inscribed in U shape little by little

A tightly packed road

Exit the valley and per altitude of 4000 m. Until the top of the pass a little more.

Huyro's inn that became the second night

From Wuilo to Santa Maria (Santa Maria) it will proceed downhill on the paved road, but about 22.5 km to Santa Teresa is an unpaved road and it is a tough road where there are also passs though it is along the river did. About 10 km from Santa Teresa at an altitude of 1,500 m to a hydroelectric power plant was easy to run as it was close to the river.

As soon as I leave Santa Maria, I will cross this bridge.

Cliff wall road

It's hard to get up to here as unpaved

There were some river crossings

The town of Santa Teresa was surprisingly big

From Santa Teresa to the hydroelectric power station

Powerful waterfall that has brought a loud noise

It was easy but the basis is uphill.

The road along the railroad from the hydroelectric power plant to Machu Picchu village was supposed to be easy because it was flat. But at the entrance it is told that "From here on bicycle bad dame," the head is white. Fortunately it means that the bicycle will be kept in the warehouse so we asked "I will come back in 3 days so please" and I started walking. It was the same as using a bus from Cuzco if it was to walk, and there was a fatigue caused by traveling every day, it was really a painful road.

Start of walking route

One person stand by me does not get excited

Arrived in Machu Picchu after 19 o'clock. I was worried because I got late, but I got a ticket for Machu Picchu ruins the next day. I got a shuttle bus ticket that connects the Machu Picchu village with the ruins at the bus stop and prepared for tomorrow ahead of time. There is a bus stop at the bus stop, securing a reasonable accommodation. Machu Picchu village is a sightseeing spot, but it was saved because there was a cheap hotel and a cafeteria.

The Machu Picchu village that sinks in the valley is also called the name Agua Calientes (hot water), and there is a hot spring. The atmosphere is exactly a hot spring town in Japan.

The central Plaza de Armas. I was able to purchase tickets for Machu Picchu ruins at this nearby building.

25 sol (about 925 yen) in a private room with a toilet shower. It was a hot shower as it was a gas type hot water supply instead of electricity. The communication speed on Wi-Fi is also the same as Cusco.

◆ Machu Picchu Attractions
"The bus leaves at 5:30 in the morning," but he was tired and could not get up early and departed after 6 pm. The bus brought the road of ninety - nine folding to the mountain ridge where Machu Picchu remains.

The unpaved road of the ninety-ninth fold

Bus connecting the village and Machu Picchu ruins

Cloudy sky that had spread since I woke up. The wish that it surely will be sunny is empty, the fog spreads and does not it rain to the rain? Because it can not be helped, she was riddled under shelter and bushes. In the morning I was killing time with the intipun (sun gate) and Machu Picchu.

Ruins of the morning where the weather was bad

I did not know what is there, but following the arrow on the standing sign will be quite a walk.

Building trail in the middle

I reached the place called Inti Punk (the gate of the sun). People who came from Cusco at that time would have been relieved in the Machu Picchu city where they finally come to life.

Next I will climb to Machu Picchu. I need tickets here so I need to get it in advance. Unlike Winer Picchu, which is popular with travelers, Mount Machu Picchu was okay with the admission tickets of the ruins the day before. There is a time limit that "You have to go up from 7 am to 11 o'clock on the day."

Mountain climbing road to Machu Picchu

I can not see anything with thick fog and light rain

We reach the summit of 3082 m above sea level

The ruins of Machu Picchu should be spreading in front of that mountain ... ...

I got a glimpse.

Clouds flowed one after the other, so it was only a small chance, but in such a way I could see the ruins of Machu Picchu.

A walking hydroelectric power plant

I can only stay until 13 o'clock at the top of the mountain. The weather was recovering on the way down, and the city tour from the afternoon managed somehow. I dreamed of seeing Machu Picchu under the blue sky, but I can not say luxury.

Machu Picchu in the afternoon when the weather recovered

From the ruins it is spectacular that the mountains of 3000 m, 4000 m class are connected.

Machu Picchu which climbed earlier

Llama who was lurking away from the tourists taking pictures.

And the scenery of Machu Picchu that I was watching on a book or internet is in front of me.

Please shift the angle slightly.

The sense of unity of the city area with Wainapichu rising behind is wonderful

Memorial photography

After the rain came up, I felt the air was clear.

The presence of winer picchu does not accumulate

It is also strange that Machu Picchu, which had a sense of unity at the high place, will fall apart when entering the city.

The main entrance of the city entrance

Machu Picchu city like a miniature model

The urban area was like a maze with various roads complicated

Large stones are piled up

I found a rabbit in such a place

The entrance ceiling is monolithic and amazing

A stone structure like a combination of puzzles

A waterway was stretched in the urban area, supplying fresh water.

A number of superimposed terraces

I wanted to save the shuttle bus fee on my way back and walked to Machu Picchu village.

◆ Return
On foot, go to the hydro power station, bicycle by Santa Teresa, bicycle to Santa Maria and get the bus. Because I walked about the day before, I was able to row the bicycle properly, even though a little step was painful but my muscles used were different. A bus between Santa Maria and Cuzco There are many bicycles on the bus, and my bicycle also goes there. I think that it is a tour relationship, but strangely the traveler did not appear. Arrived in Cusco after half past twenty, the short trip of 4 nights 5 days ended.

Walk along the track again to the hydropower station

Butterfly gathered together

Change to the bicycle and return the road that came.

The bus that I caught in Santa Maria on the way back was 30 sol to Cuzco (about 1100 yen).

After completing the whole journey, I felt that I needed money if I would normally like to enjoy Machu Picchu sightseeing. The easiest thing is to use a train, but it is not considered to be done from the price of Peru such that it costs more than 100 dollars (about 10,000 yen) round trip even if it is the cheapest. If it was a bus it was possible to go back and forth in 80 sol (about 2900 yen). It was fairly expensive because 128 sol (about 4700 yen) was only for Machu Picchu entrance fee, and I paid 142 sol (about 5200 yen) including mountain climbing Machu Picchu. The shuttle bus linking the Machu Picchu village and the ruins takes 26 soles (about 945 yen) each way. Machu Picchu entrance fee and shuttle bus are foreigners' charges. If it is a long-term trip for a short trip, it was necessary to prepare accordingly. It is also fun if you can find a friend and travel with you, but it is not much excitement if you are alone.

And as the weather collapses, we also spoil the tourism. There was time in this time, so I had time to wait for the sunset, but what happens if it is a short schedule of tour trips organized in Japan? Machu Picchu 's weather is a scary place as it seems that there is flexibility in admission tickets. I think that Machu Picchu may have an admission ticket valid for several days, like Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Ayers Rock in Australia. And Peru traveling out of time, you should consider the dangers of strikes. By the way, on September 26A large strike was done in Cusco, It seems that the train to Machu Picchu was canceled for safety.

Although somehow became a form, it was sightseeing in Machu Picch where there is somewhere surprising. If there is another chance, I would like to visit under a clear blue sky. At that time it was not alone, and never riding a bicycle.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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