I went to Shirakawago in winter to see the architecture with snow piled up

In the snow scene as much as you can see, the old houses with scattered scattered architecture. The fantasy world I was seeking was spreading. Gifu Prefecture Shaku - ga - gosuke - gasseru village together with Gokayama, Toyama Prefecture, has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage (Cultural Heritage) in 1995. There was also an inbound effect and now it was a popular tourist destination for foreigners as well.

Hello, Shufuji Takuya @ Charida man was around the world by bicycle is. When I was in the local Fukuoka, it was good to have snow once every year. Because it will be a special day, it will raise the tension. When I was small I was running around like something like a dog when snow was piled up. When I had originals at hand, I also went exploring in the mountains. That is why there was always a longing for snow scenery.

Shirakawago to Japan - The holiday of the year-end and New Year that came there. Following the Bon Fest vacation to Fukushima, I used a youth 18 ticket to make a short trip. I do not have an idea where I will be at the end of 2019. Then, I would like to go see a snowy scenery like winter. A pure white world to be washed to the heart. That's why I went to Aomori Tohoku University expedition and I got lost but decided to Shirakawago in winter.

On January 4, I re-used the Joetsu line passing through Mogura Station and Dogo Station to Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. After that we will transfer the train to the west west. From the Naoetsu station in Joetsu city, the echigo Toki ring railway, when entering Toyama prefecture it is outside the section of the youth 18 ticket because it becomes a windy tori railroad, but it is a waste. Good night at night at the internet cafe near Kureha station in Toyama city.

On January 5, I moved to Takaoka station in Takaoka city and visited the Great Buddha from the morning. From this Takaoka station to Shirakawago there is a sightseeing bus called "World Heritage bus". This time purchase "Shirakawago · Gokayama Route Ticket" which was set with "Takaoka → Shirakawago" and "Shirakawa-go-Takayama" at 3980 yen. Because it is 1,800 yen for Shirakawago and 2470 yen for Takayama, it will be a little profitable. I got on the flight at 8:10 in the morning. Arrived at Shirakawago around 10:20. We could get off at Gokayama too, but this time we have sightseeing Shirakawago where the size of the village is large.

Shirakawago Tourism Association

The scenery which jumped in a bit after walking.

◆ Princesses building with fireworks The houses of the architecture with architecture with characteristic roofs of the roof (Kajiki) are communicating the original landscape of Japan that makes me somewhat nostalgic. Although there are various opinions, it seems that the shape of the roof seen from the outside seems to be found in the palmar with hands and hands, so it is called "Gassho-building". Among them, Gokayama in Toyama Prefecture, Gakuin-gawa archaeological settlement in Gifu prefecture has also been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site and has become famous. Shirakawago of this time will be a village of Ogimachi district of Shirakawa village of Gifu prefecture.

A house with a general fireworks structure. It has become a gabled roof with the V character reversed.

Continuous houses with palms.

I wanted to see a snowy scene on the roof if it says greedy, but it may be about this at the beginning of the year. There may have been snow more in the latter half of January or February, but the dilemma that it is difficult to take a break when it comes around.

Icicles dripping from the top of the roof.

Houses like warehouses also have rulerships.

Although the main temple of Mingyoshiji in the settlement was a grand palm building, it was shaped differently than the other housemay roof .

Settlement where scattered houses are scattered.

House in the suburbs which was a little away from the settlement was also building a ruler.

Eating and drinking establishments and souvenir shops follow along the main street in the settlement.

Goryiri Mochi is a specialty of this place. The contents with sweet soy sauce is texture like the middle between rice cakes and rice. It was such a mysterious food as a staple food like a snack.

Landscape bridge over the Sho River is also a landscape that is quite painting.

Shosokawa flowing through Shirakawago's village flows to Toyama prefecture on the Japan Sea side.

A group of middle-aged women who would be from China scooped up snow in front of the camera and threw it upwards and threw it upwards, playing while playing cacophony. Innocence. I do not care or decorate it. She was showing a smile like enjoying herself with full power. Sri Lankan young men who are working in Nagoya are keenly enthusiastic about photography by taking poses like models. Shirakawago was a popular tourist destination not only for Japanese but also for foreigners.

◆ Wada Family - In Shakawago's Gassho-joined village, you can visit the inside by paying admission fees at several houses. I visited the Wada family who first caught my eye. A venerable master who served as Shoya during the Edo period. The house which is said to have been built in the late Edo period is also designated as an important cultural asset of the country.

It was a house with quite big palace building.

Wada family seen from the wife's side.

Go inside, between tatami mats.

Bran drawing is a luck charm called pine tree crane. Moreover, the couple crane?

The hearth of the hearth was an indispensable place in the house with the architecture with the architecture with the architecture with the architecture with the architecture with the architecture with the architecture with the ridgepias. In addition to cooking and heating, firewood and smoke burning charcoal spread through the pillars and beams of the houses, and the roof of the roof, to fulfill the role of antiseptic and insecticidal effect.

The mezzanine floor on the way of the stairs where barrels, hooks and living tools were placed.

The second floor was a vast attic. It is like a secret base rather than a living space because the ceiling is low.

On this second floor, breeding of silkworms (Kanako) will be held. The sericulture industry which grow silkworms and make raw silk from cocoons was the main industry of the area from the end of the Tokugawa period to the beginning of Showa era. The gable roof which can be said as the characteristic of the principal structure is the ingenuity to incorporate the wind and the light to grow silkworms.

The framework of the architecture with architecture based on the architecture seen from inside the building.

In this way, a framework for joining the rope was formed by tying the rope. Metals such as nails (nail) and brush (clay) are not used.

Scenery with snow not only the grand palm building, but also the snowy scenery will unexpectedly stop the feet. Snow accumulated solely changed us to casual everyday because it is not familiar to me personally.

A snowman someone made.

A persimmon tree snow accumulating.

Mr. Jizo.

Snow covered shrine.

A village that lives with snow.

◆ Ogimachi Castle Track Observation Deck The Ogimachi Castle Market Observation Deck that can overlook the colonial settlement was the highlight of this time's Shirakawagori sightseeing. There is a way to go up to the hill in front of the Wada family. There was a shuttle bus operated for a fee, but it was very popular and we took a round trip. Some people had been falling like snow or ice, so please be careful at your feet.

If you walk, you can enjoy the scenery on the way.

The view from the observation deck. The world I was seeking was spreading.

Settlement with a ruity of principal ridge that was the main street center. It is said that all houses are lined up in the same direction because they made it possible to take the sunshine time for the longest time to melt the snow of the roof or to minimize wind resistance.

A house of people gathering together so as to bring their shoulders together.

Pass road which is anxious because it used to ride a bicycle in the past.

The world covered with snow also continued near the observatory.

It was somewhat satisfactory sightseeing, but my shoes got drenched as a reflection point. Although there is unfortunate weather, it will be water even if it is sunny and waterproof should wear firm shoes. Travelers from Indonesia were wearing the boots that the hotel lent us. Also, I should have brought a folding umbrella. Vinyl umbrellas are also sold inside the settlement, but one more baggage. Therefore, when not in use, folding umbrella that can be in a bag is better.

◆ Takayama: I will leave Shirakawago after walking around until I'm finished. If I did not like the time limit and posted the reservation later, the bus at the right time is full. I decided to wait for a bus that can ride without reservation from 15:15, but there are a lot of people in the row. I was impressed with what happened, but how busy the bus company handles temporary flights. I got on the bus and got on the bus.

In Aizuwakamatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture, Hitoyoshi City in Kumamoto Prefecture, places that are inland but also city alone do not collect as geographical mania. Especially if there is no adjacent city. Takayama city in Gifu prefecture was a city of admiration. Takayama city is sandwiched between Hida city and Gero city due to merger of municipalities, but once it was the only city in Hida district, Gifu Prefecture. Even older is the central city of Hida . Takayama city is also a popular tourist industry as "the small Kyoto of Hida" remaining in the city as it is from the Edo era. Thanks to the extraordinary flights I had plenty of time to spare, so it was a little time but I also tried walking on the high mountain streets.

JR Takayama station.

The old city called Ko - kyo. Somehow, I remembered Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. Both of them are unfortunately under the cloudy sky, and the street where the historic building straddles is synchronized. It is common that it is surrounded by mountains.

For some reason a huge shuttle.

This is also a mysterious building with a shrine.

Kusuriya san.

A shop dealing with tea that felt the case rather than oldness.

When I cycled around Japan, Gokayama and Shirakawago were visiting. Because it was in May it is a countryside surrounded by green mountains. There was air that was warming as if you wanted to relax. It turned around and this time it was a winter visit in January. Shirakawago covered with snow had a fantastic beauty. I respect the old people who have lived in this kind of seclusion every year.

Shirakawago can be recommended even in summer or winter. Special was a place where old good country scenery of the countryside was transmitted to now.

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