One hundred-something Kannon in hell peep, 'Sawayama' is one of the best sightseeing spots in Chiba Prefecture

The observation deck at the top, the Great Buddha of the Japanese temple, and the sawama in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture were places that were attractive both naturally and culturally. In the first place, the name "saw" is too strong. Do not mind what kind of place it is.

Hello, this is Takuya Sudo @ Charriderman who toured the world by bicycle . Since I had a youth 18 tick used when I visited Tohoku Fukushima on a Bon holiday, I went around Chiba prefecture on a holiday. It was a place I was worrying about for a long time, but sawama was "highest" to say the least.

◆ Fisherman's Directly-Operated Restaurant Fudo Bunya Exit the apartment in the western part of Tokyo, go to the city center, from there to Chiba, and further south. First we got off at Yasuda station in Saitan-cho. Speaking of Chiba Prefecture there were Kujukuri and Boso Peninsula and it was an image called the sea. When I tried searching on the net that it was supposed to be able to eat delicious fish, I found a dining room directly managed by the fisherman. I needed a preparation before sawama.

Fisherman's co-operated dining room Bunya ~ Fresh seafood fished from the Boso coast ~

The station building of JR Uchibo line "Yasuda station".

Leave the station and head south. I walk a little about 1 km to the cafeteria. A little more after seeing the fishing port.

The building with a light blue roof is "Bunya".

Goods of recommended dishes that you can see first when entering.

There were also ken.

On that day, I ordered morning sushi (800 yen without tax). It was a sushi with a full volume that the amount of chari and the size of the story were about the same.

Next, the fisherman's farewell bowl (1200 yen without tax). It was also riding in the amount that this is still a chopped sashimi here.

Feeling like fish with moderately greasy melting in your mouth. I enjoyed the happiness of the fresh sea.

Paper that describes today's story put in the shop. The unfamiliar "Warasa" fish is about 60 cm to 80 cm in length. The name of the birth of a birth fish changes depending on its size, but there seemed to be various ways of calling depending on the area.

◆ saw mountain - I am going to saw mountain from the dining room Bunya where my stomach swelled. Access to the saw mountain was easy with a ropeway. But, that alone is not fun. My journey is not satisfied. So, I intended to walk one way. It is easy to use a ropeway in the uphill, but one train to Hama Kanaya station where there is a ropeway from Yasuda station I got off is about 1 hour. Because the timing was bad, I walked as it was and headed for sawama. It was a plan to use the ropeway on the descending street.

Saowama Ropeway

The little boy 's brother was walking by the beach while holding a song called "Walk on a walk" of my own Totoro' s way to the saw mountain. Rustic country harbor town.

The place of the saw mountain is here.

A saw mountain like a towering wall. The whole view certainly seems to be saw-tooth.

I have come a long way. The boundary between the beach and the sawyama is a cliff.

I saw a white building near the top. I went up to that place.

As you walk along the national highway there are signs "sawama" and "japan temple".

It is said that the Japanese temple was the oldest Kanto dressing place in Kanto, held about 1,300 years ago by the work of Emperor Shomu, held by the high priest line. Both the mountaintop of saw mountain and the scenic spot called peeping in hell are all within the precincts of the Japanese temple.

Sawsan Nippon Temple official site

From Omotesando to the temple of Nihonji Temple.

I will go up several stairs.

Nijin gates where the statue of Aki 's monk is worshiped. I paid an admission fee (600 yen for adults and 400 yen for dwarfs) at the management office here.

First off to the Great Buddha Square.

This Big Buddha is said to be the largest in Japan as a seat. The total height is about 31 m. The size is outstanding even if it is compared with about 18 meters of Nara, about 13 meters of Kamakura and the famous Great Buddha. Also, the biggest Buddha made of natural stone is the largest in Japan.

The Great Buddha of the Japanese temple was completed in 1783. However, it collapsed markedly in the late Edo period due to erosion caused by many years of rain. It was left as it was for a long time. The current Great Buddha was restored and restored in 1969.

It may be hard to communicate for a while, but when you see it on site you do not have a sense of intimidation. It was a great statue of Buddha which is big enough to overcome the gravity.

Big Buddha who is united with the stone behind. Form of a great Buddha that is different from Nara and Kamakura.

Request for the Great Buddha Square Jizo Takamori. It was a faith that I could fulfill my wishes by writing a small name for Jizo and dedicating it.

From the Big Buddha Square, we aim at the summit at once.

Tunnel of the rock called Tsunakaku who took a mistake. Is it such a road leading to heaven?

Several Buddhist statues placed in rock shade.

When I climbed the stairs while I was out of breath, my body was also filled with heat and the shirt was sweaty. Go up a bit and look up at the head over and repeat, the trees will gradually decrease. Stop your legs and breathe in as time goes by. If so, the stairs are over. Even if I look up at the head, there is nothing to block and the blue sky spreads, it is already the top of the mountain there.

When I climbed the stairs there was a southern shop like Asuka's stone stage tumulus at the top. This is the summit observatory.

There is a magnificent spot called "Peeping Hell" at the top of the saw mountain. The bedrock is protruding a little from the cliff and you can see the world under 100 m below. A brilliant brace that seems to be able to taste the mood of the hero of the adventure story.

A spot that seems to be instantiated.

There was a vertically erected cliff.

There is only a summit and a fantastic view is spreading. Around here is the Yasuda station in Saitan - cho.

Uraga Suido connecting the Pacific Ocean and Tokyo Bay. The other land is the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture. There is a route called Kanaya (Futtsu) - Kurihama (Yokosuka) of Tokyo Bay Ferry.

This is the beach Kanaya station in Futtsu city.

Inland was full of nature full of greenery from Hama Kanaya station.

A cliff rising in the green forest.

Beneath this mountaintop observation deck there is a mysterious space surrounded by cliffs. When it gets down there ......

"Laputa was really there!" Yes, it was in Chiba. A space like a huge temple where stone walls with human hands weave. This mineral artifact and the green trees that covered up all the time were the world of the ghibli movie Laputa. It seemed to be exploring lost ancient ruins.

A mysterious path.

Clear valley.

Here is the old quarry (quarry). Quarrying was actively taking place at sawama since Edo era. The stone cut out was called Boso Rock and was used as a building material. Bunshu stones used remain in Yasukuni Shrine and Waseda University. The artificial cliffs and stone walls seen in saw mountain are marks of former quarries. From the viewpoint of nature conservation, quarrying is not done in the current saw mountain.

Here is a stone statue called a hundred meters Kannon. Hundreds scale is about 30 m. Giant robots like Gundam, Evangelion, Mazinger Z overlapped.

This stone statue is not old either. Completed in 1966 with the aim of sacrificing the world war death sick died and sacrificing victims of all traffic accidents. It is worshiped as a protectorate of traffic safety.

A hundred meters Kannon looked up from the feet.

Look up at hell peep from the square with hundreds of Kannon.

Also, besides introducing in the article, there is a strange scenery made at the saw-toy by the quarry.

Following stone cutting craftmen at sawama - second part | Futsu way

A tour of the stones. I went to the famous quarry slope where "Laputa's Wall" is, saw mountain. - Late part | Ono stone shop blog | Ishiya senior standing established in Yamanashi

There is a ropeway station when walking west west from Hundred Shinkansen.

Discover the summit of saw mountain. It was about 329 m above sea level.

There was a parking lot. This is a toll road called "saw mountain climbing motorway". A white building seen in the back is a ropeway station.

I was satisfied with "Wow, I had a good time," and then I only go down with Sue and a ropeway. Nevertheless, it is a rush situation that "due to a strong wind, it is a driving pause". I will drop my shoulder.

Outside the building was a paradise for cats.

I can not walk anymore, so I want to go grueling like a cat ... ....

But I took a step back and walked downhill. As a result of not being able to use the ropeway, the time lost about 1 hour without being able to get on the train at the timing of Hama Kanaya station. There was something I wanted to do elsewhere on this day, but time has run out.

Saowama seen from Hama Kanaya station.

Still, sawama was a place I was worried about so I was satisfied to visit. It was a sightseeing spot more than expected.

Incidentally, this is an illustration map inside the temple of Japan temple.

Since the highlight of "Tokai 1,500 Han Han" where numerous stone Buddhas are being served this time is unvisited this time, please check if you have a chance to go.

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