A sleeping train that can take a good sleep while moving, a means of traveling as a bed bus

When I awoke, my destination is almost there. Sleeping trains and sleeping buses may be taken care of overseas travel. You can relax your hands and legs more than enough so you can relax while on the move. I can sleep tightly. Moreover, it is morning to arrive at the destination. Tourism on that day can secure enough time.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Became a backpacker, traveled from Mongolia by transferring a bed and a sleeper train from China. We achieved the goal of travel of "150 countries" and also got on the sleeping bus which was a wishful idea. Besides, twice.

◆ aim for Mongolia
The last trip was a folding bikeI came back to Japan with visiting 149 countries. We did not reach the targeted 150 countries because we missed the timing of visiting Djibouti and Somaliland in Africa. There are few travelers with the activities of IS (Islamic state) in 2015, and it was enough to hesitate.When I went around the Pacific island countryIf I add one more country, I am able to achieve my goal ... ... If you say that, I will regret that you have not visited Cuba that has restored diplomatic relations with the United States.

There are many things to think, but what has gone away can not be helped. I decided to go back to overseas as backpackers once more. I chose Mongolia as the target for 150 countries. I was also interested in China since 2009. From Kansai International Airport to Tianjin, China, we will move by LCC's spring and autumn airline. While puzzling about China for the first time in a long while, I got used to a few days and moved to the capital city of Beijing. From there I aimed for Mongolia.

The journey is
Beijing → Ellenhot: sleeping bus
Zamingwood → Ulan Bator: Sleeping train
Ulaanbaatar → Zamingwood: sleeper train
Ellenhoto → Tianjin: sleeping bus

It has become.

Since we can not cross the borders of China's Ellenhot (Hikaru Hirohodo) and Marmen's Zamingwood on foot, we moved with jeeps and vans with local people with 50 yuan (about 850 yen). I also searched for an airline ticket, but I chose the cheapest way of traveling as usual.

◆ Sleeping train
Capital city of MongoliaUlaanbaatarAnd the border city with ChinaZamingudeIt is connected by rail. A section of the railroad connecting from Beijing, China to Moscow, Russia. There seems to be an international train direct from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, but because there was information that it would be expensive, I moved to Zamingueed by myself. I go back and forth between Zamingwood and Ulan Bator, but both are sleeping trains.

Station of Ulaanbaatar.

The price of the ticket was 22,850 Tugurugu (about 1260 yen) on the outbound route and 35,550 tugrug (about 1960 yen) on the returning route. The reason why the price is different between the outbound route and the return route is because the grade of the bed was changed. I was messing with "I can not use it anymore, I will use an airplane on my way back" on the outward trip, but I can not afford a monetary till there, "comfort yourself myself as" Let's raise the class of the bed " It was. Thanks to that, I can write comparative articles like this ....

Outward way
Here is the vehicle used for the outbound route. Making as much as cheap is reasonable. The basic is one set for 4 people. Whether you are doing personal imports from China, you all had a lot of luggage. There were many families including small children.

Sleeping space is also lined up on the aisle side. My bed is on the upper side of the aisle side.

I broke my stomach on this outgoing street. I had prepared food beforehand, but I was mistaken that it was lost by the smell carried by the cart and I bought a boxed lunch. It was content with a volume called rice, fried eggs, hamburger steak, and fried vegetables. Egg which is close to half-mature cared, but this bad feeling is stunning. Despite being asleep comfortably, I wake up with a stomach sudden. The train stops at the station though it is such a big thing. The toilet door will not open. The Mongolian train's toilet drips. After stepping on the foot and stepping on the lever, the bottom opens up and the contents drops to the railroad track. So we can not use the toilet near the station where the person lives. Please note those who are traveling from now. I got hurt at once.

· Returning
Platform of Ulaanbaatar Station which was fairly refreshed.

A train scheduled to get on arrived at the station while crushing rice and rails.

Is the green color of the vehicle an image of the meadow? The white two horses are the brand mark of Mongolian railroad.

Please check the train number on the ticket and go to the car. Before getting on board a cabin attendant woman at the entrance will see a ticket. For some reason tickets are collected once system, so let's remember bed numbers. The ticket will be returned later.

I have been looking forward for it because I did not have a high ticket. Even though we step into such expectations, indoors with familiar somewhere ... .... I also got on a similar car in Ukraine. Due to circumstances such as Ukraine which made up the Soviet Union and Mongolia which was a satellite country of the Soviet Union, vehicles in the two countries were quite similar.

Passage of a train that got clean and clear.

One room with 2 bunk beds and 4 people. It was a combination of a man who is doing tour guide, two of young couple, I.

There is a small desk between bed and bed.

I slept in this bed. There is a storage space that puts unnecessary luggage under the bed.

When I entered the room, a linen set with sheets, pillowcase and towels was placed on the sofa. I will set the sheets with a stiff paste.

There is a towel rack on the wall ......

There are foldable shelves. It is a mechanism that allows access to itchy places.

After get on, you can relax by changing to sandals.

The rhythm of the train making noise with rattling became a lullaby, and it was quite sleepy. When everyone gets to sleep and get dark, you can not do anything and only have to sleep. The bed on the return highway is slightly wider, comfortable and comfortable for comfort. If I did not break my stomach, my outbound bed was also good.

If it is a single trip and the bottom of the bed is your seat, you need to coordinate with the person in the upper bed. People in the upper bed also sit on the lower bed (sofa) during the day. In such a point, the upper bed is more comfortable. Once you go up, you will never give anything else a chance.

◆ Sleeping bath
I was planning a train from Beijing to Mongolia, but in Beijing Station I could not secure a ticket on the scheduled date and eventually I took a bus. There is a bus from Bus Terminal called "Wooden Garden Long Beauty Station" to Ellenhot (Hirohito Hiko). Even trying to purchase a ticket a few days ago at the bus terminal "Even if it is not the day it is useless" and it is said to be dismissed. With the information that there are about 3 buses to Ellenhot the day, purchasing tickets was enough on that day.

The price of the ticket was 180 yuan (about 3,000 yen) in Beijing → Ellenhot on the outbound route, Ellenhot → Tianjin of returning was 235 yuan (about 4 thousand yen).

The bus on this occasion was a sleeping bus. Although it is regulated for safety reasons in Japan, there are bus services with overseas beds rather than seats. I had traveled by bicycle all the time, so I had no chance to ride, but I was curious as I saw it occasionally. I wanted to ride all the time. At last the time has come.

Outward way
The bus at that time is here. Bunk beds were lining up in 3 rows in length in the bus.

The driver's seat is like this.

My seat is here. It was the upper bed. There is a reason why the part of the pillow is raised.

The place where you put your head like this is to allow the foot of the back person to enter. We effectively utilized limited space.

However, my seat did not have feet. Because there was a central door of the bus below. Thanks to you, even if you extend your legs, there was enough bed length. Turning over is severe, but there are widths as appropriate. There was no worry of falling as the railings were on.

A convenient space where a small accessory can be placed.

Looking at the window from the top of the bed, it looks like looking down on the roof of the passenger car while driving. There was a bed where it was quite expensive.

The whole view of the couch bus was like this. It is about half the size of a two-story bus and a large bus.

· Returning
After getting to Mongolia safely and returning to Ellenhot, I also took a couch bus. Although I also got to the railway station for the first time, the condition was subtle because I had no direct connection to Beijing and I had to change trains at Station Nanning south. From the railway station to the bus terminal there was a direct bus to Tianjin with the next flight. Since I thought that I went back to Beijing before moving to Tianjin, I could save time and labor.

Similarly to the way of going on the return bus, two rows of beds are arranged in three vertical rows.

The driver's seat is like this.

The returning pass was the lower bed. The place to put your head is high.

Space where feet enter

It was sleeping like this. I was messing with a smartphone while scooping around.

Although it is an impression of trying a ride, if the road is uneven, the bed will also shake. The upper one has no heart or tremor is great. I will wake up on the way with such a shake. Still, I could fall asleep and lie down so I could fall asleep because I could lie on my back and sideways in a way close to everyday life. There is no enemy on the sleeper train, but you can get a solid sleep. I have taken a Japanese night bus, but it is rather tough to reveal one night with a sitting posture. On that point, we could get tired from the sleeping bus so we could go sightseeing from the morning.

A break is once. Both going and returning were the same place. Even if you are hungry you will have something to do with a dining room or a shop. Let's prepare your bathroom so that it's a nihao toilet. Even if you do big, there is a wall or a partition next door but there is no door in the entrance. It is visible from the aisle, but let's not mind. It might be for theft prevention, but I could not go back to the bus while taking a break.

◆ Mongolian journey
Thanks to you, Mongolian journey has been made according to plan. Although I was impatient when it became a snow scene due to the cold wave, the blue sky without clouds the next day. Homestay with the grassy gels where nomads live, I also fulfilled my primary purpose in Mongolia.

Nomin Department Store in Department Store representing Ulan Bator.

The city of Hararahorin wrapped in pure white snow. It is a city in the center of Mongolia.

Still the next day is sunny as I was aiming. I had a great day at the grassy gels where nomads live.

When arriving in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine from Belarus in Europe, it was also a sleeping train. Arrived in Kiev the next morning. I bought a ticket for the bed train heading for Lviv in the west of Ukraine. There are places where you can leave your luggage as it is a station. We put heavy luggage at the station, and during the day we went sightseeing in Kiev city in a lightweight form. I came back to Kiev station in the evening and headed for Lviv on the second day of continuous sleeper train.

For this return trip, leave luggage to the Ellenhot bus terminal and take a stroll through the town until the departure time of the sleeping bus. I was taking a shower at the bath shop.

When traveling abroad I would like to use the bed train and the sleeping bus well. You can float overnight while moving. However, in India and Tanzania we hear the story of theft so carefully for the management of valuables ... ....

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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