I stayed in a nomadic gel sending "Real Nomad Life" in Mongolia

The popular "Nomad" is now about nomads in English. I did not know. There are people who send real nomadic life to Mongolia. Nomads who run pastoralists in the grassland. I caught the gel where they live, and I looked into the nomadic day life.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Became a backpacker and traveled to Mongolia in 150 countries from China. Although I was impatient when I had a snowstorm, the next day turned out and it was fine. I have had the best day.

◆ Gaya Guesthouse
From Beijing, ChinaTransfer the bed and sleep trainI moved to Ulan Bator in the capital of Mongolia. From there we aim to become a city called Harrholin in the middle of Mongolia. The bus to Halahorin came out from the Dragon Bus Terminal in the west part of the city.

After buying a ticket and getting on the bus, a strange man comes and gives us a brochure of the guest house. After ten minutes I got a phone call and the voice of the guest house owner. I knew that it would be like this because I was preparing on someone's blog beforehand. So without having to panic, I made an appointment for an inn.

In Harahorin I stayed at an inn called "Gaya Guest House". When arriving at the site, Gaya, the owner, will pick you up at the passenger car. Gaya is a solid woman who manipulates fluent English. During my stay I was kindly kind.

We can stay in Gaya Guest House. It is 8USD (about 850 yen) in the dormitory, but there was also a season off and it was a single person.

The interior is like this. Since there is no outlet, charging will be done at Gaya's house. Wi - Fi is also flying at home.

I used a solid fuel mixed coal with the fuel of the stove. I get warm by a stove as the lungs cool down at night as it gets chilly. A furnace of a stove that gives off a bright red glow with fire. The gel gradually felt heat and fell into a comfortable sleep while waiting for warm air.

On the second day of the hala hole I woke up because of the cold wave and it was snowstorming. Even if you look at the window from Gaya's house, the snow will not stop dancing in the strong wind. Husband of a good Gaya who seemed to be doing also in rugby was watching the window next to it. Always reticent and smiling, I just asked for consent while just grinning. Such a face makes me grin. I can only laugh when it falls to such an extent that it can not move. In the morning I was pretty raging.

It was a gel that changed beating and changed to a snowy scene on one side from yesterday.

Incidentally, this is the entrance of Gaya Guest House.

Hararahorin was surprisingly a big city.

◆ Nomad Tour
It was unexpected that the snow will be piled up, but we knew that the weather will collapse on the second day. And the third day was fine weather. According to the weather forecast confirmed in Ulaanbaatar, as planned. On the third day, I will go to the gel where nomads living near Haraholn live. Mr. Gaya's classmate lived and had arranged a homestay as a nomadic tour. The price changes depending on the season, 30 USD for summer, 35 USD for spring and autumn, 50 USD for winter, and so on.

The place to live is also changing according to the season, and it was explanation that it is 10 km (summer), 15 km (spring / autumn), 25 km (winter) away from Hararahorin respectively. I visited 5/12 ~ 5/13 was spring and autumn season, it was 35USD (about 3750 yen) in 2 days 1 night.

Go a little from the city and you will hit a small pass. There was Cologne as big as the height of the person whose large and small stones were stacked casually. Boundary between city and prairie. Beyond the pass, the great plain of Mongolia spreads without human hands.

By subduing yesterday's snow yesterday, the suburbs also made up snow makeup.

Livestock grazed in some places. There were pots and nomadic gels on the way.

I will go through the unpaved rough road.

◆ Homestay
I arrived at the gel which ran for about 30 minutes in the car and will take care of me this time. In the homestay I became indebted to a couple of couples. My wife Jaga was a classmate with Gaya, and the meal inside the gel was what she made. Husband 's Tuume was clothed in a national costume like a kimono in Japan. I ride a horse and go out for grazing, so I have a sunburned face. Since I only communicate with Mongolian languages, there were not many conversations, but the couple got better.

This homestay is here.

The whole view was like this. There are two couples and gels for guests, but there is another gel that people of relatives live with. It seemed that my family lived with cooperation.

There are two such livestock huts at the homestay destination.

Lambs in the fence.

There was a figure of a child goat.

Sheep walking around in the garden ....

A dog who had a quiet and clever face was also accompanied by a dog.

◆ House named Gel
The traditional mobile dwelling used by nomads in MongoliagelI call it. A pure white building shaped like a circle, like a meat pot of a convenience store. It was like a circus tent.

I stayed overnight at this gel.

A solar panel is placed outside the gel, and the car's battery is charged.

There was a parabona antenna also outside the gel. Could it be ...?

A thick, waterproof cloth was wrapped around the outside of the gel. It is a fabric close to the roof of the event tent used in school sports festivals. There was a thick feeling that the portion hitting the wall was also contained in the mattress.

The inside of the gel is like this. The central main pillar supported a circular ceiling.

Half of the circular shaped ceiling is transparent, making the interior of the gel bright with sunlight. When the sun went down and the neighborhood darkened, I covered the cover from the outside.

A beam extending radially from the circular ceiling toward the wall.

I put a plate between the beam and the beam and put it in the place of the belt and cord.

In the center of the table there is an altar like a Japanese Buddhist altar.

There is also an LCD TV. I used the antenna earlier, connected to the battery of the car and watched the satellite broadcast.

I also used a satellite phone. Modern nomads are loosely connected to the outside world.

A stove serving as heating and cooking cupboarded the center of the gel. By being here it will evenly convey the heat inside the gel. A soot came out, it was spit out through a chimney that stretched straight out.

I was frying meat and vegetables in a big pot. Wisdom unique to cold areas where cooking and heating are done simultaneously.

There was a shelf in the gel, and there were pots, dishes, seasoning. A lid and a ball are caught between the beams.

Hanging toothpaste set. There is something similar to our travel goods too.

· Meals with gels
In this homestay, meals will come with meals, day, night, next morning.

Mongolian style fried noodle called Tsuiban. Mr. Jaga was kneading noodles in the gel.

Mongolian style cooked dish. It is a crisp dish.

The breakfast was bread and fried bread and bread.

You can also drink milk of a goat. However, I had just drunk because I broke my stomach a little.

This goat 's milk was squeezed with gel people early in the morning. A child goat is sandwiched in the crotch of a man holding a goat goat. I got an important milk.

Pick up one pot and sweat it and repeat it with puff and the milk of the bowl collects.

· Livestock 's "Fun"
Ferns of livestock were collected outside of the gel.

There is a tightly packed muffler.

However, since it is dry, it will not get dirty even if you hold it in your hand without smelling.

Fungus is used as a fuel for the stove inside the gel.

It was also a substitute for plastering of livestock huts. It also played a role in preventing drafts.

◆ Horseback riding experience
It was possible to ride in this homestay, I was looking forward to it. However, I am worried because I have no experience. Because she was scared of falling horse, when Gaya was there, we asked that 'riding is slow and safe'. It seems that Tuume who will guide me also knew, and smiled nicely.

I straddle a horse with a leg like a bicycle pedal. I went to the height that my feet would never reach. "If speed is out, if you pull on the reins, it will stop," Tume explains. Tuume's hand had two reins. During horseback riding, like my dog ​​walks, my horses are pulled.

A perfect day for riding.

It is a walk while looking at the mane.

Left, right, left, right and the ass with the horse's foot rhythmically well. At first it felt like "falling" "dead wow", but if it gets used to it, it will not be scary so far. Under the clear blue sky, we ran through the large meadow as much as we could see. I feel numb with the strength of the horse that climbs the gui gay and the hill. On the contrary, when I get off the hill, I need to concentrate a bit because my weight will be applied forward and my body will fall. It was a horse riding experience for about an hour.

I was on a horse with such a feeling.

"I'm on horseback riding" and push up my fist in the sky.

Mr. Tume, who gently led me without failing to hate me.

Thank you also to Mr. Oma.

· Nomads grazing
As I am, it looks like a cheapest guy, but the picture of a professional crossing over a horse will be a picture. I was manipulating horses like a part of limbs. Sometimes I make a high sound by whistling with Huhu, or singing like a frog like a gaggy waggle, I move livestock together as one.

Grazing in the Mongolian-like prairie.

While controlling the livestock who is scattered right to the left, it disappears somewhere.

A backward appearance with dignity.

Nomads living in the Mongolian prairie pursue deserted horses skillfully manipulating horses - YouTube

◆ Observe livestock
Because it was a bicycle journey, I have been playing with domestic animals to the extent disagreeable. I was chasing afterwards. But looking back, I do not remember observing it so close. That's why it was fresh that this homestay that we could meet with livestock at a fairly short distance.

A flock of sheep and horses just out of the gel.

Sheep having a relaxed face and eating grass is a sheep.

The goats seem to like rocky places, and they climb easily with Hiyohyi.

A child goat grazed on the Mongolian prairie sings crying Meje and looks for a parent goat - YouTube

There were parents of horses.

The place where the gel is located is a gentle valley, and the livestock will walk anywhere.

As the days fell and the neighborhood began to get dark, the gels were gathering the livestock in the fence. Mr. Tume also expands the body greatly, flapping both arms flapping up and down, catches livestock. I was intimidating, but it looked like chickens were ramping up, and the person himself was serious but looked cute.

◆ Nomads morning
The nomads' morning was early, and before the sun rose, Meje and a noisy voice were running from the outside of the gel.

The lambs in the fence.

When you open this fence the lambs rush with a rush dash. It was time for milk. While crying cheeringly with Meje, "Lamb as a lamb" and "Lamb as a lamb" searching for each other makes it quite a chaotic situation.

Lambs and lambs sing cryingly and looking for each other - YouTube

Lamb is my mother's milk with her head out.

My parents are in a brief period.

A state where lambs and lambs walk side by side.

Is the time of milk about 30 minutes? People of the gel were collecting the sheep that were scattered from the fence to the meadow.

Push back into the fence again.

Mongolian nomadic life, driving sheep and goats into the fence - YouTube

Both parents and children were put together in the fence. I will put only the lamb from here out the fence. For that reason I stood in the fence and confronted the sheep. The method is very simple, if it is a lamb she just guards it as a lamb. I also helped, but I felt like I was doing it at American football. I will repell the lambs trying to escape the gap with super reaction.

After such screening, the lambs and the parent goat are driven to grazing again. Lamb and child goat are an answering machine. Yesterday, it was the same situation as when I arrived before noon.

Domestic animals walking toward the prairie. Lots of ass.

People on the horse will be accompanied by a gel person.

It seemed to grazing somewhere far.

◆ Walking the steppe
Since the livestock also became free, I take a walk around the gel.

Far awayOrkhon RiverThe longest river in Mongolia is flowing.

When walking a little from the gel there was a rain to secure living water.

There are trees growing only a little. However, it's cold and dry so weak and not energetic ... ....

A zone with a gel that I looked at from the hill opposite.

In the meadow there were a lot of bones and bones. It is surprisingly heavy and hard to pick up. I thought of the days when I was using bones as a tool.

It has fallen to such a skull.

◆ Baby season
At the beginning of May when I traveled, snow fell and it was not the best season for Mongolia. The green of the grassland is still growing rather than lush. However, it is not just a disadvantage. Homestay was full of lamb and child goat born in March.

The profile of a lamb.

Lambs wrapped in curly hair and curly hair.

When a child goat approaches the fence, it runs up and rises with two legs.

It was motomote to a small goat with clear eyes like a human child.

It was my greatest purpose in Mongolian journey to stay at the grassy gel and experience the daily routine of nomadic immigrants. As I was looking for such a tour before traveling, I was called a world runnerBlog reportDiscovered. Gaya Guesthouse and Nomad Tour also consulted his articles. Thanks to you, I was able to spend the best of the day.

Together with the husband and wife of the gel who took care of me.

There was a story called "Suho's white horse" in the elementary school's class in the national language. That is why Mongolia was an image of horses and grasslands. I have seen this image of the world as it is.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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